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Recap: Bon Appetit Hot Ten Party

During this year’s NYFW, we took a break from the presentations and collections to attend Bon Appetit’s Hot Ten party, basically a runway for the who’s who of the local culinary scene. The soiree celebrated the restaurants deemed by Bon Appetit as America’s top 10 best new restaurants in America.

Bon Appetit Hot 10 Party

The event was located at Seaport Studios, right outdoors on the water. It was unfortunately pouring down rain, but the organizers did a great job of tenting the space and providing umbrellas for attendees. Party goers had full access to numerous bars and stations to try food from each of the Hot Ten restaurants all set to live music and a dance floor at the center of the event space.

Bon Appetit Hot 10 Party

The food was the highlight of the event, hands down. It was amazing to have the opportunity to sample dishes from restaurants around the country, which we may have otherwise never had the opportunity to visit.

AL’s Place in San Francisco took the top spot as the best new restaurant in America. They served up brine pickled French fries with a side of smoked applesauce. I thought that French fries were a pretty safe choice for a restaurant just bestowed with this honor, but must give them credit–these were unlike any fries I’ve tried in the past. They were reminiscent of fried pickles and the applesauce was a refreshing departure from typical ketchup. Points for creativity!

Bon Appetit Hot 10 Party

As a graduate of Indiana University, I was thrilled to see an Indianapolis restaurant, Milktooth, ranked as number 10. Milktooth is a brunch-only restaurant and served up one of the most unique bites of the evening, a deconstructed bagel with cream cheese including local Hoosier cheese, pickled charred radishes, Serrano pepper, and biscuit crumbles. It was a zippy bite and full of flavor.

Bon Appetit Hot 10 Party

Another highlight was the sourdough breads and smoked fish from Gjusta in Venice, California. The eatery provided a variety of fish served atop hearty, fresh bread and some simple garnishes. These plates truly represented modern California cuisine and paired wonderfully with a glass of crisp white wine.

Bon Appetit Hot 10 Party

My favorite bite of the evening was the burgundy escargots from Petit Trois in Los Angeles. The snails were super garlicky and melted in my mouth, and I definitely went back for seconds.

Read Bon Appetit’s full list of the Top Ten Best New Restaurants in America here.


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