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Recap: Bluemercury Launch Party

While I’ve always been known for my extensive makeup regimen, as of late it has become a few swabs of mascara, a dab of lip balm, and I’m out the door. What has my life become? Luckily enough for me, scoring an invitation to the party celebrating the opening of Bluemercury’s Fairfax location was just what I needed to remind me of my love of all things pretty.


After a full day of work and an epic battle with traffic, I finally arrived to take my rightful place among the other glamorous ladies in the area who wanted to get their hands on all the goodies Bluemercury has to offer. I breezed in like a bat out of hell, obsessed over Social Bitch Amanda Jean’s adorable new bangs, grabbed a glass of bubbly, and began my quest for what seemed like the perfect pick me up: pink lipstick.


The party attendees were abuzz with excitement over all of the products and services offered at Bluemercury. I even found myself wanting to schedule a quick eyebrow wax, but I felt I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself. Instead, I continued around the store, trying on lip gloss, blush, hair oils, toners, and perfumes. I just couldn’t seem to keep my hands off the colorful displays showcasing products from such brands like Bobbi Brown, NARS, Kiehls, and Deborah Lippmann.


After doing a couple of laps around the store, I finally settled on my ideal shade of pink and Amanda Jean secured a gorgeous eye shadow palette to compliment her new look. Reluctantly, we grabbed our coats and with faces full of fresh makeup, headed to dinner. Playing dress-up, if only for a little while, seemed to be the perfect way to cure my winter blues. Thanks for the invite, Bluemercury.


Deidre, Baby Bitch

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