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Recap: Blogger Brunch at Dixie

There’s nothing like getting a group of foodie bloggers together for a delicious brunch on a casual Sunday afternoon. The two masterminds behind the @Chiraqfoodie Instagram handle brought together some of the top Chicago foodie bloggers for one delicious brunch at Dixie, which I had reviewed only a couple weeks prior to this event.

After visiting Dixie a couple weekends ago, it has now become my favorite brunch spot in the city. I may be a sucker for Southern fare, but the ambiance and feel of the restaurant is what solidified it on my list of “best brunches” in Chicago.

Dixie is the brainchild of Chef Charlie McKenna, who is also behind the delicious Lillie’s Q and LQ Chicken Shack. Charlie is a bonafide master of Southern fare. Just in 2016, he won the Memphis in May barbecue competition for his famous pork shoulder. Just so you know, the Memphis in May event is considered the World Championship of barbecue, so this accolade is a big deal.

Upon arriving at Dixie, all of the bloggers were ushered into the 1952 ½ Liquorette to get liquored up before diving into our feast. After all, a cocktail in hand is the best way to enjoy a Sunday brunch! I immediately ordered the Baby Cheeks; a gin, lime, and prosecco infusion that offered just the right amount of bubbles, and citrus packed flavor I was yearning for.

Along with the brunch menu, the dinner menu was also on exhibit for us, and we had a chance to taste everything to our heart’s content.

Some of the highlights from both menus were the biscuits, the house made sausage, the beignets, and the burger.

The dishes that were served easily solidified my love for Dixie. Everything we tried was delicious, and I can’t wait to make it to Dixie for dinner and more cocktails at 1952 ½ Liquorette.

1952 N Damen Ave,
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 688-4466


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