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Recap: Betsy Fisher & Coye Nokes Charity Fashion Show

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As Becca and I grow in our careers, we pay a lot of attention to other successful females.

There are a lot of women out there—in business, media, government, politics, and energy—making big moves. However, as most of us know, there is still vast gender gap in the professional sector—we still make 80 cents to the dollar. And, the glass ceiling is real, only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have two X chromosomes and there are more men named Peter in the board room at Twitter then there are females.

Not to get preachy, but it’s important to engage and support other females in your industry, which is why I’m involved in organizations like Levo League and Women in Energy.

Brunch, my darlings, is also a great time to chat and get to know other Power Bitches. Because, when can you honestly get away from your desk for a power lunch? The ladies who lunch schtick is for the birds.

Last week, we met two very successful Power Bitches: Betsy Fisher and Coye Nokes, both of whom own eponymous fashion companies. The Betsy Fisher boutique has been in business since 1988 on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont, providing high-end, flattering business and casual attire for the busy, working gal for decades.

Betsy, a petite, sassy gal, hand-selects the pieces and works with her clients to make sure they feel and look good. It’s the type of place where a busy woman who doesn’t shop online or know what fits her comes in once a quarter and buys 10 items. It’s why a boutique can stay in business in a high-rent part of town in the era of online shopping.

photo 5

Ever involved, Betsy threw a fashion show and cocktail party for her clients and VIPs to benefit Suited for Change, a local non-profit that provides low-income women with professional clothing and job-readiness workshops. Power Bitches giving back—Betsy’s just like us.

She invited Coye Nokes, a footwear designer who creates the most stunning, chic pairs of pumps, flats, and booties you’ve ever seen. Available online and on Piperlime, Coye Nokes uses classic silhouettes with stunning details and material combinations. Her customer is described as “modern women on the move, are passionate, ambitious people inspired by impeccable style and in need of footwear to fit their busy lifestyles.” No wonder the Bitches have several pairs.

The namesake of the brand, Coye, is a beautiful, sincere blonde who was a big-time strategy consultant in London before deciding to take the plunge and start her own fashion line three years ago. And, thank goodness she did, or else I’d be sitting here barefoot.

photo 4

Now, back to the fashion show. Betsy invited all her Power Bitchy Besties to walk in the show—along with little ole’ me, the only one not in the circle of workin’ moms. The ladies were super friendly and fun, drinking champagne and getting their makeup done.

Most of the ladies wore Hilton Hollis, a beautiful line of womenswear. Hilton, in all his Southern gay glory, emceed the runway show along with Betsy. That man is a gem, and—like Betsy— truly cares about making his clients feel and look good.

I rocked an Ali Ro tweed dress with a Hilton Hollis coat, and then a lovely little leather-and-velvet frock I nearly walked out of the store with. On my feet, stunning black, almond-toe calf-hair Coye Nokes pumps. In fact, all the models wore Coye Nokes footwear, and many left with them on their feet.

photo 1

I invited my gals to support me in the show, sipping champagne and noshing on canapés. The consensus was clear: “When we grow up, we want to be like Betsy.”

Lean in, ladies. And look good while doing it.

And, while you’re at it, give back. I dropped off a ton of clothing at the Suited for Change office this morning, in anticipation of their big designer consignment sale on October 30.

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