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Recap: BATSU

Chicago is considered the birthplace of improv. Between Second City, iO, The Annoyance, and all the other store-front theaters here in Chicago, you can find the best of the best rising comedians making people laugh so hard that they cry. Well, that was what happened when I went and saw a brand new show at Kamehachi in Old Town called BATSU.

Courtesy of Face Off Unlimited
Courtesy of Face Off Unlimited

BATSU is a Japanese word meaning “penalty game.” Essentially, this comedy show is comprised of improv games, and torture. Let me explain: two teams of comedians compete in improv games, and whichever team “loses” the game, is tortured. And by tortured, I mean it fairly literally. The comedians were shot with paintballs, snapped with rubber bands, hit with inflatable bats, and much, much more. There were several times where I jumped in my seat and covered my eyes thinking “there is no way this is happening right now!”—oh, but it was.

I went to the show with three of my friends, courtesy of the Heron Agency, and we had a blast! There are even occasions when members of the audience is pulled up on stage to partake in the games (and be tortured if you’re on the losing team). Alas, yours truly was in fact pulled up on stage, partook in an improv game, and was coincidentally on the losing team. My “torture” was to eat sushi off of a scantily clad man—by comparison to other torture options, I happily accepted this one.

If you, or any of your friends, are ever looking for a fun, eventful, and pretty ridiculous Thursday or Friday evening, head to BATSU on the second floor of Kamehachi.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, click here.


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