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Recap: Artizone At-Home Brunch

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After a busy week, a productive Saturday can be just what you need. But more often than I’d care to admit, my weekend to-do list often succumbs to the power of the mimosa. The solution? A gourmet at-home brunch with the help of Artizone Chicago.

Artizone is similar to the familiar GrubHub concept, but instead of picking up grocery store basics, you order organic ingredients and handcrafted dishes from your favorite Chicago food artisans. The convenience of online ordering lets you explore the thoughtfully curated collection of Chicago’s artisans on your own time. It also features the option to create shareable lists and shop by recipes with delivery zones throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

To save time, I kept the cooking to a minimum and ordered mostly pre-made and easy-to-assemble brunch dishes. My search for menu items quickly revealed how little I knew about the wide variety of Chicago artisan options. T.G.F.A. (Thank God For Artizone) because I discovered quite a few new favorites.

As promised, I didn’t order a drop of champagne (though it is available on Artizone). Instead I opted for two bottles of healthy Arize Kombucha. The probiotic fermented tea is made at “The Plant,” Chicago’s sustainable food production community from owner Nathan Wyse. Unsure which flavor I’d like more, I ordered the Ginger Turmeric & Black Pepper and Blueberry Kombuchas. Both were fizzy, tart, and refreshing!

Artizone Chicago At-Home Brunch Recap

The feature dish of my stay-at-home brunch was Swiss chard mini quiches from Verzênay Pâtisserie, a local French artisan shop that uses locally-sourced ingredients. Chefs Arshiya and Aqueel blew me away with the flakey, buttery crust and creamy Swiss chard filling. Thanks to their easy instructions, my main dish was warm and ready to eat in just 20 minutes.

Artizone Chicago At-Home Brunch Recap

There was plenty more at this brunch. I relied on the protein in Mr. Spanky’s dry-cured country bacon to fuel my day. Mr. Spanky, a nickname chef John Shultz has had since childhood, has become famous for his delicious thick cut nitrate-free bacon that doesn’t shrink when cooked. After putting it to the test, this bacon is the real deal!

I got my dose of Omega-3s thanks to Gravlax, a raw salmon dish cured in salt, sugar and dill from Dirk’s Fish. Owners Dirk and Terry Fucik have been operating the sustainable seafood shop on Chicago’s Clybourn Avenue since 2003. I paired slices of the flavorful Gravlax on top of crisp sliced organic cucumber from Goodness Greeness.

I also heated up a six pack of thick fluffy biscuits from Bang Bang Pie Shop and filled the remainder of the plate with fresh mixed greens topped with lemon garlic basil vinaigrette from Farmed Here. The result was the perfect blend of my favorite brunch items on one plate—and I didn’t even have to wait for a table!

Artizone Chicago At-Home Brunch Recap

If you know me at all, you know I don’t walk away from a meal without dessert. The Strawberry Rhubarb pie from Bang Bang Pie Shop made for a sweet end to my relaxing morning. A rich, buttery crust surrounded an almond crumble that covered juicy bites of pink rhubarb and sweet strawberries. So. Good.

Artizone Chicago At-Home Brunch Recap

Lastly, I couldn’t resist ordering the organic chef box from Goodness Greeness. The largest privately-held organic produce distributor in the country is proactive in furthering the future of organic farming, can’t argue with that! The chef box contains organic recipe staples such as potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms and more. All contents are based on seasonality and availability, which makes for a fun surprise. The contents of my box make for perfect summertime grilling sides.

Artizone Chicago At-Home Brunch Recap

Now that, my friends, is how you have a gourmet brunch and a productive Saturday! You, too, can indulge in the amazing service that is Artizone Chicago with this exclusive Bitches Who Brunch coupon code: BWBJUNE2015 for $15 off your order of $60 or more. Start planning your brunch menu here or order the same items I did using my shopping list.

Artizone delivery services are currently available in Dallas, Chicago, and Denver. Select Artisan products will ship Nationwide. *Coupon code expires 8/31/15. Limit 1 per customer


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  1. We love the Bitches here at Goodness Greeness! Thanks so much for featuring us! Your selections were fantastic and we’re so happy you liked our chef box. Thank you thank you thank you!

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