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Quiote Brunch

With brunching as my main objective almost every weekend, I am always searching for brunches to review and share with readers, ones that I think will serve purpose when helping friends or strangers decide where to go for brunch, but selfishly, also ones that also satisfy my own cravings. Whether is is the hottest new restaurant in West Loop or a divey, homestyle cooking Southern joint in Humboldt Park, my own palate and preferences often dictate where I look to brunch on the weekends.

Quiote Brunch

On this particular weekend I was craving Mexican (something I so often do), and thankfully I was able to check out a buzz-worthy spot in Logan, Quiote, all while giving in to my palate. Quiote is all the rage right now, and I can see why. A cute, corner street spot, Quiote is charming and welcoming.

Quiote Brunch

A front dining area and bar was bustling with eager brunchgoers, but thankfully we had arrived right in the nick of time to secure a two top in the lovely back dining room. As you are lead to the back you pass by gorgeous green plants that only add to the earthy and natural vibe of the spot. Black and white photos occupy the walls, taken by the restaurant’s very own chef and owner Dan Salls.
Quiote Brunch

Quiote is lively and pleasant. It provides a relaxed atmosphere, in a gorgeous setting with beautiful food, as I began to notice thanks to other diners. Chris and I were thirsty; him for coffee and me for a mezcal-infused cocktail. I decided to go with a grapefruit and mezcal concoction recommended to me by my server, which did not disappoint. It was light, sweet, and refreshingly tart, just the way I like a good south-of-the-border beverage.

Quiote Brunch

To start, Chris and I could not resist ordering the banana bread, and boy were we glad we did. Sliced thick, and served warm, this banana bread was divine. Topped with melted salted butter, it was moist on the inside with a little crunch on the edges. Seriously, it took everything in me not to order a second piece to eat. It was absolutely delicious.

Quiote Brunch

Additionally, after admiring how beautifully presented this dish was on another table, we just had to have the charred grapefruit brûlée. It came to the table with a caramelized sugary top, perfect grill marks, and it was cooked just long enough to have the pulp swell up and extract delicious grapefruit juice easily. There were no regrets about ordering this dish either.

Quiote Brunch

For entrees, everything sounded wonderful, truth be told. I, of course, just had to go with my staple Mexican breakfast dish of the chilaquiles, though I was tempted by the pork belly hash. Chris stepped outside of his normal comfort zone to indulge in the huevos inferno, baked eggs in a red sauce, another recommendation from our server.

Quiote Brunch

Both dishes came to the table presented beautifully. The food looked gorgeous on the colorful, ceramic plates. Chris’ huevos infernos was awesome, he absolutely loved it. Anything with bread to dip in a red sauce is a win for my hubby. And if it’s fresh sourdough from Publican Quality Meats, then it is a really special win. The eggs were warm, and the yolks oozed out nicely into the red sauce that had a little kick of heat to eat.

Quiote Brunch

My chilaquiles dish was a perfect portion of eggs and tortillas with toppings. The dish had sliced avocado and queso fresco on top, and a delicious salsa verde that soaked into the tortillas. I especially loved the crunch of the colorful watermelon radishes on top. This dish is a definite contender for best chilaquiles of 2017, maybe even best dish!

Overall, Quiote is cute, charming, and above all the food is delicious. The restaurant’s approach to traditional Mexican food with added unique elements, works perfectly. I look forward to coming back again for lunch or dinner and checking our their highly talked about tacos and tortas. Or coming back to enjoy cocktails in the downstairs mezcal bar.

The Bitches Say: A. Quiote is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and offers upscale but unpretentious, delicious Mexican food and yummy mezcal cocktails.

(312) 878-8571
2456 N California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Quiote serves brunch on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.


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