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One of the many great things about DC, and DC food folk, is that the DC food bloggers are very supportive of one another. Whether it’s a simple retweet or a blog mention, or hosting food blogger happy hours, bake sales, and events—the blogging community likes to engage and support each other.

Last Sunday, we brunched at Smith Commons with Alejandra of One Bite At A Time and Tammy of Florida Girl in DC. (The Smith Commons brunch review is coming soon). Alejandra was kind of enough to bring us a tray full of goodies from Whisked!, a local DC bakery founded by…you guessed it… two other food bloggers, Modern Domestic and Shaw Girl.

Whisked! sells a variety of baked goods—cookie bars, cakes, sandwich cookies, brownies, tarts, hand pies and more—baked with “Northern style and Southern charm,” marrying the two ladies diverse baking backgrounds. You can order the treats online or pick some up at the 14th and U Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or from the Big Cheese, one of the District’s many food trucks.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Our generous helping included (1) a brownie sandwich cookie, vanilla icing smooshed between two fudge cookies, (2) a hand pie, which is more like a gourmet pop tart filled with raspberry preserves, (3) a turtle bar, an amazing Southern walnut-chocolate-caramel-gooey-heaven and a (4) granola bar, a healthier option that’s perfect for breakfast and filled with oats, walnuts, and fruit.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

I must be frank—when I first heard about Whisked! I thought, why would I go buy things that I can just bake myself? Well, because I can’t bake like that. That brownie creation? No way I could create something that moist and rich. The pecan bar? Yeah, I’m not crafting something that delicious anytime soon. So, support your local food bloggers and business owners—head down to the farmer’s market and pick up a cration from Whisked! Your tummy will be happy you did!

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

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