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Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

Dessert has really grown on me. I’ve always preferred savory foods over sweet, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the indulgence of ordering dessert. It just makes the experience feel special.

I was intrigued by The Pig’s new dessert menu and culinary approach of the pastry chef, Audrey Valerio, who infuses the “nose to tail” concept of the restaurant into each item on the dessert menu. Hailing from the Mandarin Oriental, Audrey has been at The Pig for two months and has already created some of the most unique and beautiful desserts I’ve ever tasted. I dropped by the restaurant the other day to indulge.

We began with the churros, which arrive in a small bucket with a side of spicy chocolate and caramel sauce. They were the lightest churros I have ever tasted, which is ironic because they were made with pork fat en lieu of butter.

Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

By far our favorite dessert that we sampled was the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate “soil,” which were salted Oreo crumbs, complete with real mini carrots. The light carrot cake was the perfect balance to the thick layers of cream cheese frosting.

Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

The apple pie was an unexpected combination of chorizo gelato, cheddar crust, and cayenne caramel filling. As you can imagine, this savory girl was digging the salty combination of flavors. It almost tasted like we were eating a cheddar cracker topped with apple jam.

Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

We learned the doughnuts change on a weekly basis. Last week there was green tea, but this week we sampled the creme brûlée. It was dense and presented simply.

Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

The grapefruit parfait is a gluten-free option, made with orange blossom honey and accompanied by a sesame seed cracker and a chamomile meringue. One spoonful of the grapefruit sorbet immediately transported us to warmer days in Florida.

Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

Last but not least, the coffee semifreddo came with a coffee praline crunch, quite possibly my favorite combo in the dessert game. You dip the crunch bar into the airy whipped cream-like bowl of semifreddo. It’s heavenly.

Preview: The Pig Dessert Menu

Frankly, after sampling all of the dessert options I’m not sure that I’d be able to order just one. That’s fine, as you can order the Pig Finish, a platter of all five dessert items to share.

I was delighted to hear that this dessert menu is being offered during both brunch and dinner. We can’t wait to see what new items Audrey is whipping up for Valentine’s Day —you’ve turned this savory girl sweet!

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