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Preview: Porke Shoppe Andersonville Dinner Menu

I get along well with comfort food. Probably better than I should if I want to fit in my pre-Bitches Who Brunch jeans. Typically, when I cook for myself, I cook mostly vegetarian.This is due mostly to the fact that I am lazy because and I find cooking meat to be more time consuming. Additionally, I never know when meat is done.

So, whenever I dine out, I opt for a protein-packed dish for health reasons and to get my mom off my back. As any good mom should, she worries I don’t get enough protein—even after she’s witnessed me put back an enormous a steak.


Whether or not I get enough protein on a regular basis can be left up for debate, but I was not short of my protein quota after my dinner menu preview at Pork Shoppe. Pork Shoppe is an American-style barbecue joint in Andersonville that serves plenty of protein and comfort food like pork brisket, mac and cheese, cornbread, and so much more.


I invited my friend Emily to join me at a preview at Pork Shoppe. Of course, before dinner, we had drinks. Emily is a Manhattan kind of gal, so she ordered the signature Manhattan. It was on the rocks, and she prefers her cocktails sans ice. But, she did say the smoked cherry was a nice touch, especially as it’s a BBQ joint. I ordered the margarita and loved it! This cocktail was also on the rocks and without salt, but it was tangy and refreshing.


For an appetizer, we began with the Pimiento cheese, a first for both of us. Pimiento cheese is a Southern cheese spread with sharp cheddar cheese, pimiento puree, and a dash of smoked paprika. The cheese spread atop the perfectly toasted bread was a great way to start our meal.


We opted to order different entrees and sides and share, obviously. Emily selected the chopped brisket, which has Pork Shoppe’s signature coffee rub, and is slow cooked and chopped. On the side, she chose the mac and cheese and cornbread.

Upon receiving the menu, I had been eyeing the pork belly pastrami which was brined, spiced, and sliced thinly. On the side, I chose the chili and baked beans.

The brisket was our favorite of the two meats as it was flavorful and delicious. The pork belly was a bit too fatty for me, but in reality I should have know better. It’s pork belly, afterall! And of all the sides, our two favorites were the chili and the corn bread. The mac and cheese needed a bit more flavor. And the baked beans, while they were good, weren’t a show stopper like the chili.


By this point, we were stuffed, but decided to take a closer look at the dessert menu nonetheless. And we were happy so happy that we did! We decided to share slices of the the chocolate and cherry pies. Both were great but being a chocolate fiend, I preferred the chocolate. The cherry was tasty but would have been better if served with a scoop of ice cream.

All in all, Pork Shoppe is a lovely BBQ stop for those who love meat, comfort food, and especially BBQ. I’ve only heard good things about their brunch. Who knows, maybe we’ll review it soon, Bitches.

Pork Shoppe Andersonville
5721 N. Clark St.,
Chicago, IL


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