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Preview: Kyirisan Happy Hour

Happy hour is an important part of the week for any young professional. But, let’s face it, they come in all shapes in sizes. You have the last-minute happy hour, when you just want to get a drink without dealing with a crowd. The patio happy hour, when you want to take advantage of the glorious weather. There’s the gal pal happy hour, when you want to just lament about a long day (week/month/year) with your friends. And, there’s the date night happy hour, when you want a sexy vibe in a setting sans TVs or crowds—time just for the two of you.

Kyirisan Happy Hour

If you are looking for the latter, Kyirisan in Shaw has you covered. The sleek, sexy restaurant may punch a hefty price tag for dinner, but its newly launched happy hour allows you to enjoy the Asian-French fare and lovely setting at a more affordable price point. We’d also highly recommend trying their brunch as another budget-friendly experience.

After a rather long week, we bopped over to Shaw to enjoy several cocktails at the bar and a few plates of wings–the only nosh they are currently serving during happy hour. The cocktails are reasonably priced and very approachable, nothing too complex with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Kyirisan Happy Hour

We tried several cocktails, making our way through the short but sweet menu. The “OMG! Work was so crazy, I need a drink!” was an obvious choice. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, just a vodka, soda, with a splash of cranberry juice and lime.

Kyirisan Happy Hour

We tried the Lucky #3 with shochu, honey citra tea, and sherry. It was a refreshing, classy drink served in a champagne flute garnished with a sage leaf. Luckily, it went down easy. Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves ordering shots of the shochu, after catching a glimpse of the beautiful bottle in front of a couple across the bar. The shochu–not to be mistaken for sake–was one of the smoothest spirits I’ve ever sampled. I learned it’s actually the national spirit of Japan and is distilled from barley, rice, sweet potatoes, or buckwheat. Served in beautiful gold and white embellished ceramic shot glasses, our decision to take shots at 7pm on a Thursday instantly felt right.

Finally, the the Natto Umami’s lemonade was my favorite, as I’m a gin girl. It was a combination of gin, natto, and black peppercorn. Again, it was simple, crisp, and uncomplicated. The black peppercorn gave it a nice bite and the candied lemon rinds were like eating chilled gummy bears.

Kyirisan Happy Hour

Now by date night, I don’t necessarily mean first date, since the only nosh currently offered on the happy hour menu is wings. They are messy, but they are beautiful and worth it. We say go for it, your date will appreciate your gusto. This whole plate of wings was $5.50. So, there’s that.

Kyirisan Happy Hour

Kyirisan is a beautiful spot for an upscale happy hour with Asian accents. Don’t expect crazy mixed cocktails, but sometimes simple is best.

Happy hour is served Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the bar. 


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