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Preview: Buttercream Bakeshop

Like everyone else on the planet, I will admit that I have a sweet tooth. However, I just don’t like to bake. It’s something about having to follow directions — when I am in the kitchen I don’t like to be put in a box. Now, there’s a cure for both in Shaw, thanks to pastry chef and owner, Tiffany MacIsaac, of Buttercream Bakeshop.

Buttercream Bakeshop

The adorable pint-sized bakery is squeezed between Espita Mezcaleria and Longview Gallery on 9th Street, complete with turquoise, yellow, and pink accents, a wall with cheeky celebratory items for purchase, and a rustic farm table — because you aren’t making it far with a Funfetti cookie sandwich or Queen B croissant in your hand.

Buttercream Bakeshop

The Queen B puts cronuts to shame. It’s crispy and flaky on the outside, with a salty and sugary crunchy layered crust. The deliciously buttery and sweet little bun is hands down my new favorite breakfast treat. 

Buttercream Bakeshop

The Funfetti cookie sandwich screams treat yo’ self, while the s’more cupcakes are big enough to share with a deserving co-worker.

Buttercream Bakeshop

And then there are the prettiest Oreos we’ve ever seen! The iconic American cookie is crushed and packed into gem molds, then coated with white chocolate and swirled with the color of your choice. Note, these are only available for pre-order, so if you have a special occasion where these Oreo gems are needed, call ahead. In the meantime, we’ll be over here making up excuses to place an order.


For all you forgetful folk, Buttercream offers several pre-made cakes each day, like the cookies and cream one pictured below. So, swing by and walk out with a gorgeous cake that makes you look like the caring person that you are. Because you totally knew it was your best friend’s birthday. 

Buttercream Bakeshop

Buttercream Bakeshop

Buttercream is your one-stop shop for celebrating life’s little or big moments — from gorgeous wedding cakes, almost too beautiful to eat, to decadent Nutella heart pies to brighten up a rainy day. 


On our way out we snagged a loyalty card, which rewards you with a free scone, muffin, croissant, or beverage after 10 visits. We’ll be back to try the Buttercream breakfast bun — scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and sausage stuffed into a milk bun — you know, after 7 a.m yoga. #treatyoself


Buttercream Bakeshop 
1250 9th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001


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