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Preview: Pumpkin Fest at Chez Moi

This past spring, I reviewed the amazing brunch at Chez Moi and adored every dish I tried. Having been a French major in college, and a longtime lover of French food and culture, Chez Moi’s authentic French bistro cuisine is a Francophile’s dream.

This past week I was invited to come in and try the brand new, and limited edition, Pumpkin Fest dinner menu. Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity to not only have a delicious, complimentary dinner, but also treat my boyfriend to some amazing cuisine. Cam had never been to Chez Moi, so I was excited to have him try the food—I knew he would love it. Low and behold, he ended up complimenting the GM Morgan and stating that “this dinner was one of the best meals he has had in a long time.”

I love being right.

I arrived before Cam, and had a chance to catch up with Morgan, and chat about the new menu. Once Cam arrived, we asked Morgan for his suggestions, as he knows the menu better than anyone. Immediately as a starter, Morgan suggested the Qualidu. The moment Cam read “foie gras” in the description, Cam made the executive decision and Morgan went to the kitchen to put in the order.


The Qualidu is a staple to Chez Moi’s permanent menu and is a special creation by Chez Moi’s Chef Dominique Tougne. The dish is a combination of half of a roasted quail, seared duck breast, foie gras, mushrooms, and Cabernet sauce. It was an incredible start to our meal—all of the ingredients perfectly melded together and complemented one another without being heavy or overwhelming. The foie gras was not overpowering, but instead it seemed to act as the “glue” for quail and duck—incredible dish, to say the least.


Next, we moved to entrees, and we both had every intention of sharing. Cameron selected the bacon wrapped seared pork loin, with apples, pumpkin, and raisin chutney.


The pork loin was tender, juicy, and the sweet raisin chutney was a sweet sauce that melded into the potatoes, pumpkin and apples. Often I avoid pork loin, as it can be dry, but this pork loin was delicious and I am so happy Cam was willing to share with me.


Being a pasta lover, I selected the pumpkin ravioli with harvest vegetables and brown butter. The ravioli was stuffed with a delicious pumpkin puree, and the pumpkin, apple, and potato chunks added some density to the dish. It was a delicious pasta option, but the pork loin was still on my mind while digging into this dish.


To finish off this perfect meal, Cam and I looked at the dessert option from the Pumpkin Fest menu, and knew that the pumpkin crème brûlée had to be tasted. The crème brûlée tasted like pumpkin pie with a sugar crust—it was light, airy, and was a nice incorporation of pumpkin into a dessert.


I have always been impressed with Chez Moi, and I wish I could have tried the Pumpkin Fest brunch menu as well! This dinner from the Pumpkin Fest menu is sure to not disappoint and make sure you try the pork loin—superb! This special pumpkin menu is every foodie’s dream and make sure to get there to try it before it ends October 30th!


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