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Presidio Brunch

Chicago neighborhoods—no matter where you live in the city, it’s always good to take a trip and visit somewhere new. Being a Lincoln Park Bitch, I decided to venture out with Amber (our resident Social Bitch) and check out a new restaurant in Bucktown/Wicker Park, Presidio. Presidio was gracious enough to treat us to brunch and being a brunch loving Bitch, I never says no to an invite like that!


Presidio’s menu is inspired by Northern California and the San Francisco bay area. The exposed brick along with the plush couches that line the walls gave it an urban yet cozy feel. One other aspect to the restaurant that is worth pointing out is the locally sourced ingredients and seasonally evolving menu. Presidio strives to bring as much organic food as possible to their menu. The higher quality also means slightly higher prices than the neighboring brunch options in the neighborhood. So, if you want quality ingredients and a staff that is in tune with allergies and dietary restrictions, this is a place to consider!

When it came to drinks, we were not disappointed. With such a variety, Amber and I himmed and hawed over what drink to choose. Eventually, Amber indulged in the Love & Haight cocktail. It’s a twist on a European influenced Pimm’s cup with lemon, mint, and strawberry flavors. Amber liked it and said it was refreshing and light!

Presidio Chicago Brunch

I, on the other hand, needed my caffeine fix and there was no better way of accomplishing that than the signature Irish Coffee. The drink was frothy, warm and topped with whipped cream; Delicious! I can’t wait to come back to Presidio in the fall and have multiples of those–it’s the perfect fall/winter drink. An iced option would be interesting for the warmer months but I wasn’t about to complain.

Once we had our drinks, it was time to tackle the menu. What’s really nice about Presidio is that since their ingredients are locally sourced, the menus change. Which means, new options to try every season! On a bit of a lark, Amber ordered the Thai shrimp and grits. Upon it’s arrival, she was surprised that it came in such a ‘soupy’ form. Because of its consistency, it was a bit awkward to eat at brunch and Amber thought it would have been better suited to be on their dinner menu. She also did comment that it was in fact delicious, but not a choice she’d make again for brunch.

Presidio Thai Shrimp Curry

Ok, confession to my fellow brunching Bitches…I have never had eggs Benedict before. I know! Shocking. I have never been an ‘egg’ person but I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one and I am so happy I did! I really, really liked it. The eggs were delicious, the hollandaise sauce was pink with poppy seeds, and the lobster tied it all together. I, do however, wish the bread was more toasted; it seemed to sop up everything underneath and got soggy quickly. As a side I had breakfast potatoes, which were delicious—not too greasy and not too salty. 

Presidio Lobster Eggs Benedict

We did order the 48 hour Brioche French Toast to split and this took the cake (or the toast) when it came to our entrée choices. The poached peaches were delicious and almost tasted like apples. Amber and I agreed that this dish definitely made us think of fall – except this fall was a welcomed as opposed to the imminent season change to come. The Vanilla Foie Gras butter also added sweetness to the dish that surprised us both. If you’re a sweets lover, go with this dish. It will not disappoint!

Presidio french toast

The Bitches say B. Cozy interior, eclectic menu, lots of cocktail choices and an evolving seasonal menu makes this a place to stop in and eat when you’re in the neighborhood.

1749 N Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647-5508
(773) 697-3315

Presidio serves brunch every Sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.


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