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Poste Modern Brasserie Brunch

Penn Quarter
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A note from the Bitches: this restaurant is now closed. 

Cori Sue went to Poste a year back and wasn’t too crazy about it (she even put it in the dreaded “worst brunch deal” category in the 2010 Best Brunch list). But while those Bitches don’t repeat-brunch often, I figured it was worth a second look after Poste announced the launch of a new gourmet Bloody Mary bar.

Because, no matter what the food is like, a great Mary makes everything better, right? Besides, I had my sister in town from the Midwest (we were wedding dress shopping for me!) and I was on a mission to fill her with the variety of creative food that D.C. has to offer, even if the food wasn’t, well, that creative.

The atmosphere at Poste is calm—a welcome respite after a weekend of running around town looking for the perfect white gown. We were immediately seated in the quiet, smaller dining section inside of Poste’s more cavernous dining room. Our drink orders were taken, and we were told all about the new Bloody Mary bar—our very reason for being there.

Photo credit: Joanna

A connoisseur of Bloody Mary’s (if I do say so myself), I was thrilled with this new addition. My sister and I ordered the infused vodka from the bar, one bacon-flavored and one horseradish. The drinks were right on, and the bar offered some unique touches like pieces of bacon stirring sticks and pickled green beans. This was the highlight of our meal.

We decided to have a side of brunch with our Bloody Marys (can’t survive on them solely, sigh). We started with the homemade doughnuts, with chocolate ganache, lemon curd, and seasonal jam. They were warm and delicious and came with a shot of chocolate milk. It was an adorable and comforting start to the meal.

Poste Doughnuts
Photo credit: Joanna

Our group of four ordered some of the best-sounding items on the menu: Eggs Hussarde (crisp potato skins, poached eggs, merchand de vin sauce, benton’s bacon), steak and eggs (bison hanger steak, new potato hash browns), and a Croque Madame (gruyere cheese, VA ham, mornay sauce, sunny side up egg, pomme frites). But the best choice award went to Jamie with her Rueben of Smoked Duck and Sauerkraut.

So, I will start with the best. The Reuben with smoked duck was amazing. The salty and flavorful duck came with a light sauce, none of that heavy thousand-island stuff, and homemade sauerkraut! Yes, that was an exclamation there. It was a dream. The heavy dish was paired with a light salad, balancing perfectly.

Photo credit: Joanna

The rest of the dishes were, unfortunately, bland. It was a shame, because the stuffed potato skins with poached eggs was such a creative dish in theory, but in execution it was boring and flavorless. The Croque Madame was the most attractive to look at, but the white, stale bread and the bland cheese added nothing to the flavor that a breakfast sandwich should be.

Even the steak and eggs, (how can you mess that up?) were bland, and that opinion came from a Midwestern steak-and-potato guy who just recently began to like spice of any kind. We gave Poste a second shot at proving Cori Sue’s prior review wrong, but unfortunately they still haven’t done much to improve the mediocrity.

Photo credit: Joanna

Service started out great, but failed at the end when they completely forgot to check on drinks or bring us our check, even after frequent requests. And we wanted to keep those great bloody Marys coming!

The Bitches say C+. Good for your guests that want to stay on the safe side, but nothing for someone desiring a lot of flavor.

Poste Modern Brasserie and Bar
555 8th Street, NW
Washington , DC 20004

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