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I was so excited for a leisurely brunch with my good friend, Ellen, at Policy. A mainstay on 14th Street that is well-known for it’s late-night shenanigans. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and a few other brunchers who seemed to be enjoying the bottomless mimosa deal. Brunch was kindly on the house today.

We started off with drinks, of course. I ordered a Bellini and Ellen ordered a Bloody Mary. Ellen’s Bloody Mary was good–it was a solid beverage. It had more of a kick than we expected. My Bellini was sugary and peachy. It tasted okay. However, my drink was served in a plastic wine glass. I think it feels cheap and reminds me of my college days drinking $3 wine from my Lilly Pulitzer acrylic glasses. I would have definitely appreciated a real glass.


We ordered our entrees next. I was confused by the prices and selection of dishes. At first glance, I thought that the dishes were small plates to share since the prices were so cheap. Our helpful waiter informed us that the dishes were, in fact, full-sized. Ellen and I were both in a carby mood, so she chose the Policy grilled cheese because of her love for pimento cheese. I chose the breakfast BLT with Sriracha. We ordered a side of bacon after eyeing it on the table of a fellow bruncher. We also ordered a Caesar salad, because we felt like we needed some color on our plates.

Our food took twenty minutes to arrive. The restaurant was not particularly busy. Our food wasn’t very hot when it arrived, and was brought to the table next to ours by accident—mind you, they had already finished eating.

The salad was well dressed and very tasty. I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this but there were far too many croutons. They were tasty, but excessive. We both loved the side of bacon. It was crispy and very salty—in a good way. Make note that a side of bacon isn’t on the menu, but they can accommodate this request.


Ellen’s grilled cheese was disappointing. It was just semi-warm toasted bread with a little pimento cheese in between. The menu says there was supposed to be other cheeses but we couldn’t spot any. We ended up eating most of the sandwich since we were starving at this point. The side salad with strawberries and blackberries was confusing since it’s December. It was dressed well and the berries were fresh.


My BLT was the best dish we ordered. The bacon was great and the Sriracha sauce was a nice addition. The fried egg somehow exploded all over me and I was covered in yolk after just one bite. Ellen seemed to eat her half more gracefully. Neither Ellen nor I tasted sourdough bread–it just tasted like normal white bread. This is a solid, cheap sandwich to soak up all the booze from the night before.


We’ve been reviewing our favorite dishes on TidBit app, a social sharing app for foodies. We gave this BLT sandwich a 7. Like a Facebook or Instagram just for foodies, TidBit lets you see where your friends are eating, what they’re eating, and what they’re saying. If you like food porn and finding the next best brunch spot with your friends, TidBit is the app for you. For the Bitches, it allows us to stay on top of the latest food trends from our friends like DC Food Porn. Download the app here.


We ordered the Belgian waffle to split for dessert. It was quite pretty and well plated. However, it didn’t taste like anything and was chewy. We even drenched it in butter and syrup and it still wasn’t very tasty.


The Bitches say: C+. The bacon was delicious, but we weren’t thrilled with anything else. The food and bottomless drinks are cheap–and you get what you pay for here.


Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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