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Piece Pizza Brunch

Memorial Day weekend is a weekend for remembering those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedoms and liberties, and is also the weekend to ring in wearing white pants. It just so happens to also be a big brunching weekend here in Chicago.

One of my goals for this year is to go to as many brand new brunches as possible. So, when my favorite pizza place in Wicker Park announced they were offering brunch starting Memorial Day weekend, I was delighted.

Piece Pizza is a popular pizza spot in Wicker Park for those Chicagoans who need a change from Chicago deep dish every once in awhile. Piece Pizza serves New Haven style pizza with a thinner crust, and offers every topping under the sun so it’s possible to customize your pizzas exactly how you want them.

Piece Pizza Brunch

It just so happens that a big group of friends were up for brunch Memorial Day weekend, and one of my good friends from high school, Ali, had moved to Chicago just a month earlier—a celebratory brunch was necessary. Her and her boyfriend, Adam, needed to be welcomed to the city properly, and it just so happened that Adam’s brother and sister-in-law were in town too—even better!

My brunching buds Ashley, Britt, Ryan, and Kevin were all up for brunch as well, so we decided to get us all together for brunch—big group of nine people! It all happened serendipitously that Piece Pizza launched the brunch menu that same weekend that we had a large group brunching—afterall, brunch pizzas are easiest to share with a big group. Done and done!

Piece Pizza is known for its beer, pizza, fast service, and upbeat atmosphere. Because of how large our group was, I asked everyone to arrive as close to 11 a.m. as possible, to prevent a wait of any sport—seating nine people can be a tall order for places as busy as Piece.

Piece Pizza Brunch

We all scoped out the menu, but of course, beverages were a must on this beautiful summer day. First up was a mimosa for Ashley and I with orange juice and bubbles. The beverage was tart, tasty, but a bit more orange juice than champagne for my liking but nonetheless delicious.

Piece Pizza Brunch

Next was a Bloody Mary for Britt, garnished with celery, olives, pepper jack cheese, and a piece of sausage from Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage. Those adornments certainly satisfy your hunger while waiting for you food to arrive, but at Piece, you never wait for long.

Between the nine of us, we all figured that three medium sized pizzas would be more than enough food—we guessed right. To make it easy, on the inside cover of the menu, Piece had already put together combinations that would make great brunch pizzas. It certainly cut down on the hemming and hawing over which ingredients, and combinations to incorporate into a pizza. Also, per the suggestion of our lovely waitress, we were steered away from adding scrambled eggs, and instead to add eggs overeasy.

Piece Pizza Brunch

The first pizza to arrive was topped with fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions, and eggs overeasy. It was a great pizza—the crust was well-cooked, brimming with toppings, but I was not a huge fan of the eggs. The yolks were cooked more than I preferred, and didn’t appear to actualy be an egg “overeasy”, more like an egg that was cracked on top when the pizza went into the over.

Piece Pizza Brunch

Next up for our second pizza, we got a combination of arugula, goat cheese, bacon, and eggs overeasy. This was a delicious pizza, full of flavor, and the salty savory flavor from the bacon balanced well with the creamy goat cheese, and earthy arugula. The goat cheese melded in with the eggs nicely, but again, the yolks were cooked more than I preferred.

Piece Pizza Brunch

Finally, the third pizza, and my favorite, was a combination of sausage, eggs overeasy, and Sriracha flavored cream cheese. The flavorful sausage, and Sriracha cream cheese took the cake (or pizza pie) for this brunch, without a doubt. For our group, it was almost a unanimous agreement that we all loved this pizza the most.

Piece Pizza is a great pizza spot in Wicker Park—it’s fun, casual, and full of great New Haven style pizzas. It’s also unique that Piece decided to launch a brunch menu being that Piece is only a pizza place, but then again, Chicagoans love for pizza runs deep.

The Bitches say: B-. It was a great pizza spot for a group, but was not my favorite brunch pizza I’ve ever had. The eggs that were over easy had yolks that were cooked through, and those are not my favorite.

Piece Pizza
1927 W North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 772-4422

Piece Pizza serves brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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