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Peacock Cafe Brunch II

I’m always baffled as to why Georgetown has such awful restaurants. It’s a tourist mecca—no doubt one of the top three places in Washington for visitors. Most of the restaurants are mediocre at best—and plenty have shut down lately, including Paparazzi, Mendocino Grille, replaced by Unum, and Hook, which was replaced by Bandolero, by far the best dining option in Gtown.

Indeed, the brunches we’ve had in Georgetown have ranged from horrific (Mie and Yu) to disappointing (Martin’s Tavern) to average with a fun ambiance (Paolo’s).

I was spending the day with Meg Biram of the very popular design and lifestyle blog MIMI+MEG in Georgetown. Meg does a My City column, where she features a D.C. local blogger or personality and their favorite spots across town. I had selected a few special places to take Meg in Georgetown on this particularly sunny weekend and I had been looking forward to spending the day with my friend and fellow blogger.


The only hitch in my plan was finding a great brunch spot in the area. I finally decided on Peacock Café, a popular choice with Georgetown locals that has a spectacular patio. The Bitches reviewed Peacock nearly two years ago and granted the café a letter grade of A.

Unfortunately, the food and service on this visit was unsatisfactory. It was even more disappointing for me because I wanted to show Meg the perfect Sunday in Georgetown.

We sat on the patio under the enormous umbrellas along the sidewalk of Prospect Street. Meg loved Peacock, saying, “I loved the ambiance. Enjoying a leisurely meal outside with friends is one of my favorite things to do, and the outdoor seating at Peacock was perfect.”


Almost immediately, we began taking photos—as bloggers do. An adorable older foreign gentleman sitting at the table next us was looking at us while we were both snapping away. Meg told him to not worry, as he wouldn’t be in the picture. With a thick Eastern European accent, he replied, “It’s my pleasure to be in your picture.” It made our day.

The service was disappointing—it took forever for our waiter to bring us water, or to take our order, or to provide us with silverware. Eventually, when our food did come, it took him no less than 20 minutes to deliver the share plates I had requested.


We began with iced coffees and vegetable smoothies en lieu of the traditional fruit rendition. Meg is a big fan of vegetable, or green, smoothies, as that’s the only way she will eat her daily veggies. Meg had the fresh carrot, apple, celery juice, which she described as perfectly refreshing. I selected the “Red Zinger,” with apple, beets, carrot, and ginger. It had a strong taste of ginger and beets, so it tasted healthy—but I like that.


Meg opted for the banana walnut pancakes. She wasn’t fond of the texture of the pancakes—as they were dense and chewy, rather than fluffy. I didn’t mind the texture so much, but they certainly didn’t wow me.

My entrée—the smoked salmon omelet—was the best dish on the table, IMHO. It was an enormous omelet, filled with salmon, sour cream, capers and onions. It was delicious and perfectly done. It came with a small side biscuit and hash browns, drizzled with a cream sauce. To me, the hash browns looked like they came out of a freezer. But, Meg liked them so I gave them to her.


We shared the French toast, which was cold upon arrival and practically frozen by the time our waiter brought us plates to eat it on. Moreover, it hardly had any egg on it—as if they forgot to batter it entirely and instead just toasted some bread. However, it was served with a strawberry Balsamic reduction in lieu of syrup, which is a nice concept, if only it had been executed correctly. Meg, who is a connoisseur when it comes to French toast—it’s the dish she always orders—was sorely disappointed and hardly ate any at all.


I left disappointed with my meal—and annoyed with the carelessness of our service. Thankfully, Meg and I spent the rest of our day pleasantly, bopping and shopping around Georgetown. You can read about our day on MIM+MEG.

The Bitches say: C-. The food is mediocre, and so is the service. It’s the location, the patio, and the friendly faces that draw people in and keep them coming back again.

Peacock Café
3251 Prospect Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 625-2740
Peacock Café serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays.

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Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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  1. Dear Cori,
    Words cannot describe how bad I feel about your disappointing experience at my restaurant. We certainly aim for much higher standards in consistant basis, which has resulted in having such loyal following over the years!
    We do miss the mark from time to time, as we clearly did this time. However, I do want to bring to your attention your own review of us in the past of a grad “A”. Yes, as much as we also love our “location, the patio, and the friendly faces”, there really is much more to us.
    We sure will take your comments to heart and use as a training opportunity and certainly strive to offer you and your guests a better experience next time.

    Maziar Farivar
    Peacock Cafe

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