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Paolo’s Brunch

Everyone has their neighborhood spot. For the folks in Georgetown, where lots of my friends reside, the local spots are Martin’s Tavern and Paolo’s. Whether it’s for half-price wine night, drinks before heading out, or brunch, Paolo’s is quite the popular spot for Georgetown residents.

The breadsticks, seasoned and served with an olive tapenade, are notorious—notoriously good. They are complimentary and unlimited—and perfect for curing one’s hangover. So, following my birthday party festivities, my friend Tristin said to me, “Let’s cure the birthday girl’s hangover with love and breadsticks.” She couldn’t have been more correct.

Paolo’s combines a wonderfully attentive, charismatic and welcoming staff with a European, open, and airy design-feel, and that’s makes this Italian restaurant a Georgetown mainstay. The space is enormous— and the floor-to-ceiling windows make it feel even more so. There is also a large patio. The place is very family friendly, as there were couples, groups and families all brunching in the same space without issue.

Our waiter brought out rounds of water, iced coffees and bread sticks. Then later, he brought out more water, more iced coffee, and more bread sticks. Then later, he brought out more water, more iced coffee, and more bread sticks. Clearly, we were in need.

As Paolo’s is Italian, the brunch menu offers its pastas, salads and pizzas, many that are also offered at lunch and dinner. There are also omelets, frittatas, pancakes and French toast.

Tristin had an omelet with a scramble with ham, peppers, tomatoes and white cheddar cheese. The large, affordably priced plate was served with toast, breakfast potatoes and ketchup.

Another of my friends enjoyed the egg white frittata, which was packed with egg whites, spicy green and red peppers and sautéed spinach, served with a side of rich, oily breakfast potatoes, which he covered in ketchup. He said it provided him with a filling, but healthy meal to start his Sunday.

Meanwhile, I had the most decadent brunch option—the French toast. It was a French toast sandwich—a rich cream cheese filling and blueberries between two slices of eggy French bread with plenty of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries alongside. The bread was fine—nothing special—and it was battered to the right amount and served warm.

Overall, the food is fine—good even—but Paolo’s comfy ambiance, great service, and open air space are what draw regulars in. It’s definitely a great spot if you’re in the neighborhood.

The Bitches say: B. Italian is never the best option for brunch. The food is fine, the service great, the ambiance a bit contrived but pleasant. If we lived around the corner, we’d head there with our friends regularly. But, it’s not worth trekking to Georgetown for brunch. Go for dinner instead.

Paolo’s Ristorante Georgetown
1303 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 333-7352

Paolo’s serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays. 

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