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Osteria 1909 Brunch


Update: This restaurant has closed since this review

My best friend is pregnant. She’s the very first of my dearest college friends to get knocked up, and so the rest of us are a bit in awe at her belly and her eating habits when we meet her for brunch these days.

Conversation devolves quickly from innocent things like, what are great boys names? To, who is going to be the husband-backup in the birthing room? And finally we get to topics such as, should he or should he not be circumcised?

The six of us contemplated these grand adult decisions while acting like total children over brunch last Sunday. After a bit of traveling and recuperating, it was my first brunch back in town with my Bitches. On a suggestion, we met in Del Ray at a new spot, Osteria 1909.

By the time my boyfriend and I arrived (it takes us a minute to get that far south from the District), the group of them had already downed a plate or two of delicious-looking deviled eggs, made with pesto and crisp prosciutto.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

The restaurant offers a great brunch deal, offering bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys for $20. But in solidarity with our pregnant friend, none of us partook. Instead, we binged on the brunch menu, which offered eggs, flatbreads, and plenty of options from the griddle and the grill.

The tiny, narrow restaurant had only one big table, which we commandeered. We saw only a couple of other couples come in for brunch, and so the bored server and the chef sat at the long bar together watching football while we were busy eating and gossiping.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

Our entrees took a little while to arrive, but that’s OK because they were clearly made fresh just for us. Preggers ordered the Italian frittata, which instead of looking like a quiche, arrived shaped more like a pot pie. It was cooked with onion, potato and bits of bacon.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

Of course, I had the eggs Benedict, which at Osteria 1909 is the eggs Italiano. Two poached eggs were set on top of one piece of rustic toasted bread. In between was layers and layers of thinly sliced prosciutto. The entire thing was covered with a gorgeous saffron hollandaise.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

My boyfriend ordered the buttermilk strawberry pancakes, which arrived covered in Grand Marnier-infused strawberries and syrup. It was quite the rich dish; he could barely finish it.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

Being an Italian joint, the restaurant’s option for an egg and sausage breakfast panini was too good to pass up. The sandwich arrived not exactly pressed like a panini, but on delicious bread nonetheless. It was filled with mushrooms, onions, plenty of eggs and sausage, and melted Fontina cheese.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

We quickly realized that the brunch menu isn’t that big, and the dishes themselves are rather tiny, also. And so we ordered an assortment of side dishes to share, as well.

The toast came quickly, and was big chunks of fluffy Rustic bread, toasted lightly, with butter on the side. The sausage links were spicy and greasy. The potato hash, which actually wasn’t hash at all, arrived in a small dish, as tiny cubed potatoes sauteed with onions and peppers. I also ordered bacon, but I didn’t end up touching it.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

Two of my Bitches ordered flatbreads, both going for the breakfast option. It’s made with sausage, roasted peppers, egg, onion, and Taleggio. The chef was happy to switch out the meat when it was requested.

The flatbread crust was crispy and slightly burnt in places, and the cheese and eggs were properly melted and melded together. It was one of only two flatbread options, and we all collectively decided that the second option would definitely be for dessert, and so we ordered it.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

Fortunately, we thought, the server forgot that dessert order. Because by the time we finished all our entrees, we were properly stuffed. The check arrived and we all moved to pay, and then suddenly, she remembered.

Extremely apologetic, she and the chef sprinted to the back and whipped up our final course, without charging us for their forgetfulness. The extravagant pizza arrived, a flatbread with more Grand Marnier-infused strawberries, and big balls of melted mascarpone cheese.

Osteria 1909 Brunch

On top of this ridiculous flatbread was shaved chocolate. All this on a crispy, crunchy flatbread crust. It was so divine, but so rich, we could each have only a small bite.

The Bitches say: B. A cute little brunch with good Italian food, just in strange sizes and serving times.

Osteria 1909
1909 Mt Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA 22301
(703) 836-1212

Osteria 1909 serves bottomless brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

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  1. Only one Alexandria recommendation and it’s closed! Definitely would love to get more reviews for this area from you all.

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