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Open City Brunch with LivingSocial Restaurants Plus

As usual, we began our Sunday with a leisurely walk to get coffee, before heading to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Being surrounded by food before you’ve eaten breakfast is not a smart idea. We decided we quickly needed to get some brunch.

We didn’t feel like thinking about where to eat, so we turned to LivingSocial’s Restaurants Plus, which allows you to eat, swipe, and earn cash back on meals all by booking on your smart phone. When we filtered for “brunch” and “distance,” Open City, a restaurant we had both been wanting to try, popped up. They were offering 10% cash back for brunch, so off we went over the bridge to Woodley Park!  

LivingSocial Restaurant Plus

We walked into a packed restaurant with a 25-minute wait, despite the fact that we mentioned we were fine with sitting on the patio, which had about 15 open tables. It was concerning that on a Sunday morning, half the patio was wide open, because they were too understaffed to fully seat the space. We ended up watching college football at the bar until our table was ready.  

After 15 minutes, we were seated at a bright, sunny table and greeted by a waitress with an equally sunny disposition. I asked her how I could get one of the drinks with animal crackers that I watched go by, and she told me any hot drink would grant me access to the coveted elementary school snack. I order the lavender hot chocolate and patiently waited, like a good little school girl. This lavender hot chocolate was one of the best seasonal drinks I’ve ever tasted. It was such an interesting combo, I gulped it down in about 4 sips.

LivingSocial Restaurant Plus

Since it was half past noon and neither of us had anything in our stomachs, we quickly made a decision on brunch—one BLT and one California omelet with a side of hash browns.

The omelet arrived perfectly cooked and stuffed with peppers, avocados, and onions. It was light, but packed in a ton of flavor. The accompanying hash browns were a thick square patty with a crispy exterior— just how I like it.  

LivingSocial Restaurant Plus

Gav wasn’t in the mood for eggs, so he ordered a BLT. This is now what he claims to be the best BLT he’s had in the city. Served on white bread, the sandwich had  just the right amount of mayo. The bacon was crispy, but not so thick that your sandwich fell apart with every bite.  

LivingSocial Restaurant Plus

We both agreed that if we lived in this neighborhood, Open City would be our go-to cozy spot. We will definitely make the treck back to Woodley Park for the lavender hot chocolate alone. I loved that before I even signed the check, I got a text from LivingSocial Restaurants Plus alerting me that I earned $3 cash back simply for dining at Open City!

Competitive spirits, we wanted to see how much more we could earn that day in cashback, so we decided to swing by the Fairmont for drinks. Plus, we were feeling festive and the Fairmont was recently decorated, so we decided to head there before seeing the National Christmas Tree.

By the time we made our way to the tree it was pitch dark, but only about 6 p.m. We realized we were in an area that didn’t have a ton of dining options, but before giving up, we decided to double check Restaurants Plus for nearby suggestions. Sure enough, we were only a couple blocks away from Bobby Van’s steakhouse, where we decided to round out our day, because there’s nothing like a good ‘ole steakhouse dressed up for the holidays.

Thanks to LivingSocial’s Restaurants Plus, we ended our weekend on a high (and full) note, with a total of $12 in cash back!

The Bitches say: B. You can’t go wrong with the solid brunch menu and diner atmosphere that is great for groups and families. We just wish the service was a bit better.

Open City
2331 Calvert St NW
Washington, D.C.

Open City Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

BitchBiz: LivingSocial and Bitches Who Brunch are partners. While this article was written independently, Bitches Who Brunch does receive compensation from the company. 


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