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NYC Best & Worst Brunches of 2017

What a year. From an unpopular inauguration to the release of a high-profile prisoner, 2017 was engulfed in questionable decisions, unexpected disasters, and a general whirlwind of events. One thing that remains constant and glorified in our lives is—you guessed it—brunch.

Drowning in bottomless Bloodys and going full-on food coma on Instagrammable avocado toast won the popular vote among weekend brunchers in our lovely New York City this year. (Want to know where the best brunch bites are this year? Click here.)

Now that the two new editors, Giselle and Lindsay, have had the chance to roll up their sleeves and get brunching, it’s time to dive back into the rolodex and share some of the most favorite and most forgettable brunches of 2017.

The Best

Best Brunch of the Year
Every Bitch needes a good knock-your-socks-off (and stretch-your-credit-card) brunch every now and again. There’s no better spot for a stylish and delicious brunch than Augustine. 5 Beekman Street, New York, NY
Augustine Brunch

Best Brunch, Readers Choice
It’s only fitting that the all-star, health-focused brunch at Hearth that kicked off 2017, is our Best Brunch winner chosen by none other than our incredible readers! Every dish was impressive, rich with flavor, and full of nutrients and natural ingredients— you can’t beat it. 403 East 12th St. New York, NY. 
Hearth Brunch

Best Bottomless
While a few of the menu items could use some revisions, you will hardly find a more boisterous atmosphere in the neighborhood, nor a better value for your brunch dollars. 1191 First Ave., New York, NY. 
Maya Brunch

Best Bro Brunch
E’s Bar
The menu options at E’s Bar are limited for now, but these Mexican-inspired dishes are tasty, filling, and a great deal. 511 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY.
E's Bar Brunch

Best Brooklyn Brunch
Sunday in Brooklyn
Spend your next Sunday (or Saturday…or any day) at Sunday in Brooklyn. If you don’t order the malted pancakes, you’re seriously missing out. 348 Wythe Ave., New York, NY. 
Malted Pancakes

Best Asian Brunch
Hanoi House
Although Vietnamese might not be the first cuisine you think of when you think brunch, Hanoi House is serving up imaginative versions of the traditional fare perfect for cozying up with a loved one. 119 St. Mark’s Place, New York, NY. 
Brunch at Hanoi House in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Brunch Ambiance
The Spaniard
The Spaniard offers great food and drinks in a charming, relaxed environment. We plan to return soon for the Smash Burger. 190 W. 4th St., New York, NY. 

Best Brunch Deal (Tie)
While the food may not be award-worthy, the lively environment and flowing libations make for an unforgettable brunch. 301 Church St., New York, NY. 

Sotto 13
The space is chic, the service is good, and the brunch deal is strong. The food is solidly good—but nothing exceptional. 140 W 13th St., New York, NY. 

Best Brunch to Bring Your Parents
Altesi Madison
A harmony of staff, space, and food is hard to achieve at any restaurant. Altesi wins with all three. 26 East 64th St., New York, NY. 
Altesi Brunch

Best Brunch with a Show
The Green Room 42
We were pleasantly surprised by the food and the performance. 570 10th Ave.
The Green Room 42 Brunch

Best Brunch with a View
Classic Harbor Line
Good cuisine, an outstanding staff and some of the best views you’ll ever see of the empire state’s most famous city. Chelsea Piers, Pier 62
Classic Harbor Line Brunch Cruise

Best Family-Friendly Brunch
Serafina Tribeca
Serafina Tribeca makes for a classic, relaxing brunch in the heart of Tribeca. Chic, understated decor and a welcoming staff only elevate the delicious homemade Italian cuisine. 95 West Broadway
Brunch at Serafina Tribeca in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Coffeeshop Brunch
Two Hands
Two Hands is a cute space with great service, and healthy, delicious fare. We loved the coffee, vibes, and drool-worthy yet healthy options. 251 Church St., New York, NY. 

Best Cajun Brunch
33 Greenwich
New York may not be a destination to seek out top-notch Southern food, but 33 Greenwich is serving up an elevated take on New Orleans style cooking that will have you daydreaming of jazz tunes and beignets for days. 33 Greenwich Ave.
Brunch at 33 Greenwich in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Fast Casual Brunch
By CHLOE. has become a staple for any city-dwelling millennial. Dishing out fast-casual vegan fare is their specialty. Brunch is no outcast and is served with just as much thought and creativity as their spot-on branding. 240 Lafayette St., New York, NY
Brunch at by CHLOE. in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Chelsea Brunch
Citizens of Chelsea
A charming little cafe with quality espresso and tasty toast. Citizens of Chelsea is undeniably Instagrammable, but not overly trendy, and a welcome addition to the west side. 401 W 25th St.
Citizens of Chelsea Brunch

Best Chill Brunch
The Bennett
A peaceful option in an otherwise sparsely populated stretch in Tribeca. 134 West Broadway, New York, NY
The Bennett Brunch

Best Dive Brunch
Mother’s Ruin
For a quick, no-frills brunch that’s sure to please, not to mention full of top-notch craft cocktails, head to Mother’s Ruin. 18 Spring St., New York, NY
'Eggo' Waffles

Most Instagrammable Brunch
While We Were Young
While We Were Young is serving epically Instagrammable brunch delights with a healthy twist. The quaint restaurant is perfect for any girl gang to enjoy dainty cocktails and a weekend meal amidst an impeccably designed backdrop. 183 W 10th St., New York, NY
Brunch at While We Were Young in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Farm-to-Table Brunch
High Street on Hudson
The homemade pastries, elevated farm-to-table fare, and friendly service earns High Street on Hudson a spot on our Best of 2017 brunch list. 637 Hudson St., New York, NY
High Street on Hudson

Best French Brunch
Little Prince
The verdant facade of this SoHo French bistro will lure you in, and the tasty dishes and cozy atmosphere will make you stay awhile. The service could be more attentive at brunch, but as long as the cocktails keep flowing, tout va bien. 199 Prince St., New York, NY 

Best Healthy Brunch
De Maria
Fresh ingredients and unique spices make De Maria’s healthy yet hearty dishes quite irresistible. The fact that those plates are served up in incredibly photogenic lighting on the cozy end of Kenmare makes this restaurant simply superb. 19 Kenmare St., New York, NY.
Brunch at De Maria in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.

Best Downtown Casual Brunch
For a casual and cool spot in TriBeCa with great service and a solid array of healthy and satisfying brunch dishes head to Yves. Bonus points for long brunch hours. 385 Greenwich St., New York, NY

Best Trendy Brunch
While a few things lacked in flavor and the service could have been more attentive, all in all, Clancey offers a trendy brunch experience in the heart of lower Manhattan. 79 Clinton St., New York, NY
Chicken and Challah

Best Greasy Spoon
5 Napkin Burger
5 Napkin Burger is definitely not the trendiest spot to grab brunch bites, but the delicious American fare is perfect for groups, families, or students running through Union Square. 150 E 14th St., New York, NY.

Best Greenwich Village Brunch
Loring Place
Loring Place is the epitome of fresh, farm-to-table cuisine in New York City. Chef Dan Kluger has really outdone himself with this one. If looking for a crisp, delectable bite, this Greenwich Village spot is a must! 21 W 8th St.
Brunch at Loring Place in Greenwich Village. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Group Brunch
Adoro Lei
Everything from the food and drinks to the decor and service at Adoro Lei is exceptional. Plus, the party room downstairs and the DJ upstairs make for a fun, unique brunch experience. 287 Hudson St., New York, NY
Adoro Lei Brunch

Best Hotel Brunch
Old Rose
Old Rose is a chic space, with a chill atmosphere, good service, and solid food. We’ll definitely make this a recurring place to steal away for a mid-week brunch, a breakfast meeting, or a coffee and work session. 113 Jane St., New York, NY

Best Last-Minute Brunch
The people at Vic’s truly make you feel at home in this huge city. Whether just stopping by or setting a weekly reservation, brunch at this NoHo gem will satisfy both your stomach and you soul. 31 Great Jones St.
Brunch at Vic’s in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.

Best Mexican Brunch (Tie)
Citrico serves a solid Mexican brunch in a charming, adorably decorated space. 681 Washington Ave., New York, NY

This fancy Mexican brunch is the perfect place to drown your winter sorrows, in both margaritas and queso. Every dish is special and extremely satisfying. 35 E 21st St., New York, NY
Cosme Brunch

Best Party Brunch (With Actually Good Food)
While Bagatelle is known for the party aspect of its brunch, the food is exceptional as well. We recommend coming with a big group for a special occasion. 1 Little W. 12th St.
Bagatelle Brunch

Best Patio Brunch
It’s a tie for best patio, with one winner in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan. In Brooklyn, Faun’s backyard is a lush and wonderfully overgrown garden, full of a whole host of plants that find their way into the cocktails and food. It’s lush and breezy, making you feel like you’re somewhere else—not the city. 606 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Faun Brunch

Sweet Afton
Sweet Afton has creative cocktails, a variety of tasty dining options, and a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy brunch. What more can a Bitch ask for? 30-09 34th St., New York, NY
Sweet Afton Brunch

Best Pet-Friendly Brunch
Rose & Basil
Rose & Basil’s creative menu, warm hospitality, and inventive space make this cute dog-friendly cafe a must-visit in the East Village— for the pics and the eats. 104 E 7th St., New York, NY

Best Post-Workout Brunch
Broken Coconut
The restaurant and nightlife gurus behind Broken Coconut are serving up a genius beach to bowl concept in the most Insta-worthy space to hit Noho in– well– forever. 15 East 4th St., New York, NY
Brunch at Broken Coconut in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Best Queens Brunch
The Bonnie
The Bonnie has everything you need for a perfect brunch — delicious food, a varied list of creative cocktails, and a charming space. 29-12 23rd Ave., New York, NY
The Bonnie

Best Re-Vamped Brunch
Still a top-notch spot in the ‘Burg for quality, beautiful food in a beautiful setting. Definitely not your typical hotel brunch. 80 Wythe Ave., New York, NY
Reynard Brunch 2

Best Rooftop Brunch
Cantina Rooftop
Cantina Rooftop boasts a lively brunch scene with strong drinks and innovative dishes like the Mexican Burger. 605 W. 48th St., New York, NY
Cantina Rooftop

Best Seasonal Brunch
Gilligan’s is the perfect NYC escape when you aren’t actually able to escape the city. Enjoy delicious seafood and sip frozen watermelon margaritas at this secluded hidden gem in the heart of SoHo. 310 West Broadway, New York, NY
Brunch at Gilligan’s in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.

Most Underrated Brunch
Bedford & Co.
From the craft cocktails to the fresh, seasonal fare, Bedford & Co. offers a top-notch brunch, hidden in the heart of Murray Hill. 118 E 40th St., New York, NY
Rye Pancakes

Most Worth the Trek
The brunch entrées were all delicious, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff made us feel at home in the best way. Virginia’s is definitely worth the visit, whether you’re in the neighborhood or not. 647 E. 11th St., New York, NY
Virginia's Brunch

Best Excuse to Go to Green Point
For delicious, memorable Mediterranean fare in a chic ambiance with great service visit Glasserie. It would be our go-to if we lived in Greenpoint, but it’s worth a trip if you do not. Don’t miss the Mezze sampler and the pita bread. 95 Commercial St., New York, NY

Best Uptown Brunch
Fumo’s great food, service, and ambiance make this Italian pizza and pasta spot a worthwhile destination whether you live uptown or not. 1600 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY
Fumo Brunch

Best Weekday Brunch
Soho Grand Hotel
A great spot for morning meetings and weekday brunching when trying to impress a client or colleague. The food was well-executed and the ambiance was enjoyable. 310 W Broadway, New York, NY
Soho Grand Hotel Brunch

The Worst

Blandest Brunch
Chalk Point Kitchen
Based on the veggie-centric, healthy-sounding array of menu options, we wanted to love Chalk Point Kitchen, but ultimately weren’t overly impressed. The ideas are spot on, but give a girl a little spice. 527 Broome St., New York, NY 
Chalk Point Kitchen Brunch

Least Appetizing Brunch
Le Souk
Let’s let Le Souk stick to what its good at— nightlife. This boozy, mediocre brunch in a deserted club may be a ball for a large lively group, but if you’re not looking for a puff of Hookah to the face, we’d say turn elsewhere. 510 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 
Brunch at Le Souk in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.

Most Deceiving Brunch
Out East
Out East’s dishes have a lot of promise, its drinks program is good, and it’s the perfect spot for a trendy brunch date or meet-up with friends, but we wish the entrees left as much of an impression as the hype promised. 509 E 6th St., New York, NY
Out East Brunch

Most Overrated Brunch
Pig Bleecker
Although Pig Bleecker may initially sound like a bacon lover’s dream, it unfortunately misses the mark. Opting to forego their brunch menu and serve the same dishes all day makes Pig Bleecker’s elevated barbecue redundant and spiritless. 155 Bleecker St., New York, NY 
Brunch at Pig Bleecker in New York City. Read the review at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Worst Ambiance
Bill’s Bar and Burger
Bill’s has decent burgers and your average brunch selections, but Bill’s brunch game was just that– average. Aside from the well-cooked egg, we weren’t blown away by anything we tried. 222 Ninth Ave., New York, NY.
Disco Fries

Worst Service
If it weren’t for the terrible service towards the end of our meal, the quality of the food and the BYOB would have earned Tartine a better rating. But unfortunately, the poor customer service totally soured our overall experience. 251 W 11th St., New York, NY 
Eggs Norwegian

Strangest Brunch Location
Charlie Palmer Steak
Better food is to be found elsewhere, but if you need brunch in the neighborhood (not sure why you’d be ISO brunch in the Garment District in the first place) and can take advantage of nearby hotel rooftop bars for the afternoon, it’s not a terrible option. 47 W. 38th St., New York, NY.
Charlie Palmer Steak Brunch

Worst Brunch of the Year
Treadwell Park (FiDi)
If you’re looking for a no-frills beer hall with children running rampant in soccer uniforms and plastic in the food, Treadwell Park is your spot. 301 South End Ave., New York, NY
Brunch at Treadwell Park Downtown

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