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New York-Style Pizza Takes a New Shape in Northwest

Remember when we would leave school on a Friday afternoon and catch up with friends at a local pizza spot? That pizza joint was also a focal point for debate once our circle of friends expanded and we were forced to defend our spot’s title as “the best classic pizza around.” Since then, a paradox of desires for new thin crust artisanal pies and the cravings for late night Jumbo Slice have become the main extremities of the D.C. pizza scene. Sonny’s is delivering something new, something fun, and something we didn’t know we needed, until now.

Max Zuckerman, Cody Hochheiser, and Ben Heller have given our dusty, but beloved, childhood pizza spot a fresh face, but without sacrificing its vintage identity. This Northwest restaurant neighbors its sister, Colony Club. Reused parlor tables with words and scribbles etched into the wood, old trophies and race ribbons, and felt letter menu boards give the space a personality and the dining experience a no-fuss dining flair. The atmosphere is intentional but feels effortless.

As for the food, the team has worked to source local and high-quality sauces, cheeses, and meats to deliver a short menu with a long-lasting impression. The beers and beverages are unique enough to be worth splurging on, as they aren’t what you might pick up on your conventional grocery run.

The real zinger here is the pizza, of course. Whether it’s by the slice or the one-size-feeds-most pie, this pizza is the perfect grandma-style pizza creation: square, saucy, cheesy, and soft in the middle with a buttery, caramelized crunch on the bottom. If you didn’t crave this list of pizza criteria from the beginning, beware, because you may struggle to satisfy such cravings after your first Sonny’s encounter. Though concise, the menu has gluten-free, vegetarian, and meat lover’s options for its pizzas as well as accompanying sides such as ricotta with meatballs, eggplant subs, and leafy salads.

Sonny’s is where you’ll find us on Friday nights. When we have no plan, the plan will be Sonny’s with a pie called the Pizza Don and pitcher (or several) of an ice cold IPA. Something so outside of the box, has never fit in the box so perfectly.


Sonny’s Pizza

3120 Georgia Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20010

Dannah Strauss

Dannah is our toughest critic. With a food and drink background, this Bitch brings her sophisticated opinion to the D.C. dining scene. Dannah is our D.C. editor and has all the restaurant intel. She's always game to try something new, but when it comes to brunch, she's looking for the classics done in an exceptional manner. French toast over pancakes, and bloodys over mimosas, always.

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