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International Waffle Day D.C.

You guys, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! I know—you can hardly contain yourself: it’s International Waffle Day! But how does one celebrate this momentous occasion?

Well, there’s no need to break out the waffle iron. We have a rundown of the best waffles (and chicken and waffles) in the District, so you can celebrate by making your brunch reservations for this weekend.

Without further adieu…

Bar Charley
The chicken and waffles and Bar Charley are beautifully prepared and presented, maybe the best we’ve sampled this year. The chicken was juicy, moist, and slightly sweet—maple syrup had clearly been used in the breading and frying. The waffles were hot and crisp, served with enormous dollops of hot, melting butter and drizzled with warm maple syrup. It tasted just as amazing as it looked. Read the review here.

BarCharleyBrunch 074

For the best of Belgium, head to our Logan neighbor BToo. The brunch menu is vast, with more than a dozen types of waffles, including a Nutella banana rendition, a lobster waffle, a mussels waffle, and the ever-popular cornbread waffle, with pulled pork, avocado, sunnyside up eggs, and sour cream. Pro tip: Order the Green Egg “McWaffle,” a waffle sandwich with smoked salmon, egg, tomato and cheese on the inside served with avocado slices. Read the review here.

B Too Brunch 3

We were utterly thrilled to find a gluten-free waffle on the menu at the new Afghan resto. The waffle, which didn’t taste gluten-free at all, was served with fresh fruit and fresh Maple syrup, and was perfect in it’s waffle-ness. We love this brunch spot, which adds a much-welcomed diversity into the D.C. dining scene. The space is stunning, the service spectacular, and there are plenty of regular brunch options for the less adventurous. Read the review here.


Macon Bistro & Larder
The South knows chicken and waffles, and to get a taste in the District, we head to Macon Bistro & Larder. The restaurant’s chicken and waffles is served with pickled watermelon rind and honey hot sauce. The chicken was juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and full of flavor. Still warm on its arrival, the waffle was moist and soaked up the syrup quickly. The pickled watermelon rind provided a unique flavor pairing with the waffle, chicken, and syrup. The result was a pleasant surprise. Read the review here.

Macon Bistro Brunch 37

Marvin is our U Street standby. Always great quality and a delightful range of brunch dishes. The spot serves up a variety of waffle dishes, including chocolate or blueberry Belgian waffles, even chocolate-stuffed waffles. Also, the chicken and waffles dish is perfection: smaller waffles, with big portions of chicken, served on a bed of greens. Read the review here.


The Ritz-Carlton
Get your waffles with your pinky out at The Ritz-Carlton. Even though it’s a fancy-pants spot, the Belgian waffle sandwich is nothing but simple, classic comfort. The extraordinary sandwich is served with cheddar cheese and an egg over-hard. We literally can not think of a better, more American way to make a breakfast sandwich. Read the review here.

Ritz Carlton Georgetown Brunch 23

Southern Hospitality
Southern Hospitality has the portion sizes you’re craving for an Adams Morgan brunch, especially when it comes to its chicken and waffles. The dish is fantastic: an enormous breast of chicken lightly fried, placed atop three pieces of warm Belgian waffle. It was slightly lacking in flavor but easily solved with Maple syrup. Also, we didn’t feel excessively gluttonous after eating it, despite the enormous portion. Read the review here.

SoHo Brunch for Dinner 25

Make Your Own!
Don’t want to leave the house? Waffles can be made at home, too, if you feel like Bitches in the Kitchen. Emily whipped up these amazing chai spiced waffles, drizzled with a sweetened coconut milk. This doubled as an effort to please our taste buds, yet, prevented us from eating the entire batch of waffles. Get the recipe here.


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  1. Glad you guys liked our chicken&waffle! We have new chefs in the kitchen so hopefully you’ll come back soon and try our new yeast-risen waffle and housemade seasonal preserves. It’s lighter, fluffier, crispier, and uses a local sorghum and overnight sour starter. And our pastry chef has mastered the art of preserving seasonal fruit. We’re really happy with its development.

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