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Middleburg Country Inn Brunch

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When Cori Sue and I are loaned vehicles, we hit the road like we’ve been locked inside a cabin for months. Tires squeal.

On Friday night, GM dropped off a brand-new, never-been-driven 2013 Cadillac XTS to my office downtown. I walked out of my building’s glass doors and curled into the car’s plush leather (warmed) seats.

Where did I go? To HomeGoods. And Lowe’s. And Shirlington. Places that are impossible to get to unless you spot for a rental or beg a friend for some wheels. It was absolutely glorious.

When GM gave Cori Sue a Chevy Volt a few weeks ago, we zipped east to Middleburg, a little Virginia town that I had only driven through on the way to wine country. She had deftly arranged for a Bitches retreat at a cozy little bed and breakfast. Romantic, my co-Bitch.

When we arrived at the Middleburg Country Inn, it was already snowing, which just made the old house look even more quaint and gorgeous from the outside. We packed up our bags from the Volt and walked through the front door. Sitting on the sofa in front of a roaring fire were the innkeepers, Kevin and Jo-Ann Hazard. I was almost apologetic that I had intruded on their cozy evening.

Middleburg Country Inn

“Not at all,” said Jo-Ann, who immediately popped up from the couch. “We’ve been expecting you!” Kevin quickly whisked our bags up to the Dolly Madison (Honeymoon) suite on the top floor and before we knew it we were sitting in front of our very own fire, wine in hand, reading magazines and gossiping about our week.

Middleburg Country Inn

The historic inn (we’re talking 1820s here) is absolutely beautiful. Its antique furniture—from the four-post Rapunzel beds to the crystal chandeliers and gold-gilded mirrors—make you just want to open a good book and settle in for a while. And then go antiquing for yourself. Which is exactly what we did.

Middleburg Country Inn

It wasn’t long before we were snoozing, and so therefore we were up early for brunch. In the morning, we padded down the stairs, like we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and settled into the cozy dinette ready to be served.

Jo-Ann came out of the kitchen in a flurry, and quickly poured us fresh orange juice and coffee into adorable snarky mugs. Kevin chatted with us as we settled in.

Middleburg Country Inn

Then brunch began with a plate of house-made lemon pound cake, her mother’s recipe. The spongy bread had such a tangy, delicious taste it woke us up. With the plethora of baked goods, bakeries, and baking sites out there, it’s always nice when there’s tradition behind something. The lemon cake was a very charming touch.

Middleburg Country Inn

We also ordered a bowl of fruit, which came with strawberry and banana slices, a few blueberries, and a dollop of cream. Perfect.

The brunch menu is small, but that’s because it’s only Jo-Ann back there cooking. I ordered the Eggs Benedict with bacon. She asked if I’d like my eggs poached soft, medium, or hard—what a novelty! I’m so used to just taking what the chef is good at making. My eggs were, indeed, perfectly cooked to my liking.

Middleburg Country Inn

There were waffles available in lots of different flavors. You could get plain, walnut, apple, or chocolate chip, “for the kids,” she said. Initially, Cori Sue was having a tough time deciding between the various options. “You can combine them, sweetheart,” said Jo-Ann.

Middleburg Country Inn

Toying with the idea of pecan chocolate chip (hello pecan pie-style waffles), she opted for a slightly healthier option and went with apple spice pecan waffles. The old-style waffles were not Belgian, of course, but rather square-shaped moist-yet-fluffy waffles, loaded with spiced apples and pecans and topped with whipped cream and Vermont maple syrup.

The entire brunch—really, the entire stay at the Inn—felt like we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa. And there is nothing better than a delicious homemade brunch the morning after a cozy restful sleep at your family house. That’s exactly what Middleburg Inn felt like—the perfect Bitches retreat.

Of course, once brunch was over, we jumped back in the Chevy Volt and zipped to an antique fair that was nearby. Jo-Ann and Kevin had recommended a number of local antique shops to us, and we bopped around adorable Middleburg, following their advice.

The Bitches say: A for the food. Moreover, the Inn is absolutely charming.

The Inn was comped (thank you, lovely Jo-Ann and Kevin) and so it would be unfair to grade the service, but we gather (and observed) Jo-Ann and Kevin tend to treat most guests like family.

Middleburg Country Inn
209 East Washington Street
Middleburg, Va.
(540) 687-6082

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