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Masa 14 Brunch

I’m going to give you some brunch advice: Run – do not walk – to Masa 14 for brunch this Sunday. Because, frankly, their amazing brunch deal will not last. It’s just too good to be true: $35 per person for unlimited anything on the menu and bottomless Masa Mimosas (syrupy sweet), Bloody Marys (too spicy), or lychee bellinis (juuust right).


I know, I know. Someone is surely getting fired there. Because what happens when Bitches show up with 10 hungry, hungover friends and are faced with bottomless, unlimited eating for three-to-four hours? We order everything on the menu. And then we order more of what we liked. And then we drink and drink, and then we shovel some more food. And then we take a break because we feel like we’re all about to explode. And then we order more. And keep drinking. For hours.

And then we order food to go. And then we all go home and pass out. Because … why not? This brunch is nothing but glorious, gluttonous euphoria – worth way more than $35 a head.


Sure, there are bottomless buffets in D.C. But this isn’t a buffet – it’s gourmet tapas, brunch-style. And it’s freaking delicious. Seriously. After Acadiana, I think this is my favorite brunch in D.C. It’s unexpectedly good, and it’s laid-back. The service was slow, but … meh … forgivable when your waiter is adorable, nice, and crazy busy. He told us it’s been packed for brunch since they started the deal. Well, duh.

I can’t go into detail on every menu item. The dishes just kept coming and at some point we stopped asking what they were and just devoured. But, I can go into a few of my favorites (and some not-on-the-menu secrets) that you should definitely not pass up  …

Let’s start with the salads, which, if you’re unlimited, why would you order salads? Order them, I tell you. The Hijiki seaweed-jicama salad was so a-typical – refreshing and salty and just overall perfect to start. It’s got sesame and chayote and daikon sprouts. And it’s pretty, too.


The Masa chicken salad was done right. What’s usually a boring, mayonnaise-y dish came with pulled chicken, cabbage, carrots, piloncillo vinaigrette and crispy noodles.

The meatballs – not even on the menu, they just whipped it out of nowhere – were three to a dish, and savory with just a little bite. That same bite was in the grits, which are flavored with chipotle pepper and oaxaca cheese.


No steak knife needed for the tenderloin Benedict, the meat was so tender. It’s served on kimchi pancake with poached egg and green chile hollandaise. Good God that thing is good.

The Pho Beef Sandwich was totally unexpected and completely creative. It’s eye of round, siracha-hoisin aioli, Thai basil, bean sprouts, and pickled onions. They really capture the pho flavor perfectly.

By far the prettiest dish, (though, again, not on the brunch menu – order it special), the fried shrimp was lightly crusted and drizzled with flavorful sauces.


Another decadent winner was the smoked chicken hash, made with caramelized onions, poblano chilis, chipotle hollandaise, yucca and a soft poached egg.

The barbecue salmon was perfectly cooked – I cannot emphasize that enough. Plus, the barbecue wasn’t overpowering. It’s served on a bed of spinach with achiote ponzu and bacon.


The black bean puree dish, which doesn’t sound appetizing at all, was actually one of the biggest winners. And I can only quote one of my Bitches on this dish: “Oh, and that dish that had nachos with refried black beans underneath and green salsa and sour cream on top was SOOOOOO GOOD!” It’s true. It was served with fried egg and cotija cheese.

The pan dulce was so disgustingly divine, covered in ancho whipped cream and roasted pineapple syrup. We didn’t even leave it for dessert, we just kept on eating.


Everything was prepared really well – and with beautiful presentation – in spite of how crazy busy the kitchen must have been.

I mean, need I say more? Check out all the photos by clicking here.

The Bitches say: A+ Great food, great atmosphere, phenomenal unlimited brunch deal. Get there fast before it ends.

Masa 14
1825 14th Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20009
(202) 328-1414

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PS. Bitches is ranked the #27 food blog in DC (we’re getting there! Thanks for your support!). Urbanspoon rocks!


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  1. I’ve been to Masa 14 for drinks and the food always looks so good, I just haven’t made a point to actually eat there. Now I’m inspired to try out brunch!

  2. I’m checking this one out! I’m from a town that does brunch (well, heck food period!) well so when I moved to DC I was so uninspired. You’re helping me bring my mojo for brunch back.


  3. “And then we order food to go.” Can you do that under the name of ‘all you can eat’?! At Masa 14?! I would perhaps feel a bit gluttonous doing so, but I don’t think you can ever have enough of a good thing…

  4. I went to Masa 14 last Sunday afte reading this post… and you were so right! Amazing food, beautiful presentation, and never-ending drinks. It really is a “too good to be true” way to spend a Sunday Morning.

    I ordered a few of your recommendations, and LOVED the jicama/seaweed salad and the Tenderloin Benedict. Eating perfectly prepared Wagyu beef before noon is certainly not my typical Sunday morning, but I kind of wish it was. I ordered the black bean dish though and was not a fan?

    I also loved how the servers come around with pitchers of the bellinis and mimosas! This is not at all the kind of place where you have to wave and beg in order to get another “bottomless drink.” My glass was never less than half full.

    I made a reservation, and I’m glad I did as it was packed. Regardless, this place is fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation!

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