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Cupcake Queens: Love Cafe

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Recently I stopped by Love Cafe to sample their cupcake selection. I had high hopes, since it’s the sister cafe to the infamous Cake Love, which sits right across U Street and is a well-known name about the Beltway thanks to its baked goods and a certain American Express commercial.

Love Cafe, however, is more a coffee shop than a cupcakery, with people nestled in corners typing away on their laptops or reading the newspaper. It’s got a different feel from other area cupcakeries; it lacks the usual pink frills and long lines (this might be because it was founded by a man).

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

It’s unfortunate, but I was not very impressed by the cupcakes. They aren’t cute or well-decorated, and they look kind of blah (with a blah flavor to match).

First off, they’re cold, which peeves me. Second, the cake is dry. I had the Mud Pie – chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache frosting and a dollop of chocolate buttercream on top, along with a german chocolate center. It was alright; nothing memorable. And, if four types of chocolate can’t impress me, nothing can.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Also, in the name of research, I brought home a second cupcake, the Red Velvet, to sample later on. Once again, the cake was dry, and it was a fake-bright-cherry red that could be mistaken for strawberry. It didnt taste like red velvet cake, either. Lastly, the cream-cheese frosting (my favorite part) was light and unflavorful.

I make much better cupcakes than these at home. Le sigh.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Update: A friend recently ordered two dozen Cake Love cupcakes for a birthday party where the bitches were in attendance.  All the bitches agreed the variety of flavors were lackluster, and Cake Love’s customer service was rotten.

The Cupcake 5 Factor:
Pretty? No.
Extensive Flavor Selection? No.
Moist cake? No.
Good Frosting? No.
Good Ambiance? Yes, but awful awful service.

U-Street: 1506 U St. N.W., Washington D.C. (202) 588-7100
Silver Spring: 935 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, M.D. (301) 565-2253
Tyson’s Corner: 1961 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, V.A. (703) 442-4880
National Harbor: 160 National Plaza, Fort Washington, M.D. (301) 686-0340
Hours: vary by location, see Web site.

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5 thoughts on “Cupcake Queens: Love Cafe”

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  1. Yeah, sigh, Cake Love/Love Cafe’s cupcakes aren’t good. I used to like it, I’m not sure if they have changed or my tastes have. Besides their cupcakes though, I like their other desserts – and their cafe has decent breakfast/lunch options.

  2. I was also disappointed in the cupcakes! I heard the owner talk at length about cake on NPR, and hurried over to U Street to try it out. Blah. Blah. And Buh-La.
    But here’s a little scoop for you: The Carrot Cake Kills. I don’t know if I got it on a good day or what.. but it was tender and chunky and sweet and… oh.. just go try it.
    As for cupcakes, Baked and Wired or bust, ladies.

  3. Firstly I love your blog – clearly I love it cuz I’ve backtracked & back-read enough to land on an aug 24th blog on may 25.

    …but…you repeatedly mention the cake love cupcakes were dry – but in your ratings you give them a Yes for “moist” ??!!

    For those of us who hang on your word, believe you are the cupcake authority,. the inconsistency is frustrating…

  4. Thanks for the catch, M. I was reformatting the cupcake posts at midnight so that was more of an accident on copy-and-pasting the templates. The cupcakes are dry, in reality, and all mentions in this post. I fixed it 🙂 Appreciate the help!

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