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Lost Society Brunch

It’s taken me forever to write this, because, frankly, I love Lost Society. I had my birthday dinner there this year. The steak is great. The ambiance, super chic and chill. The location, couldn’t be better. What’s not to love? How about the brunch.


I’m hoping that the restaurant has revamped its brunch menu since I dined there nearly two months ago. I admit, perhaps I was a bit eager and premature in going straight there on only their second weekend of serving brunch. Perhaps I should have waited for them to sort things out.


I mean, it wasn’t all bad. The food, of course, was decent. The service, OK. I think they just need to iron out some kinks. Especially some kinks in the brunch menu. It’s rather confusing. (And, upon a little Googling, I found this brunch menu, which hopefully means they remedied most of my major concerns.)


For instance, there was no separation of appetizers and entrees on the menu. All of the brunch options were lumped together in one big list. We had to ask our server to explain the portion sizes for each dish before we could assess what we wanted to order. And, even when they explained, we were still presented with unexpected portions.

The filet? Huge. Fabulous (and served with hash browns). God, the steak is good here. The shrimp and grits? Tiny. Sad. The ham-pork-fried-thingy dish? Not as big as we were expecting, sadly.


Turns out, there were a couple salads (though it was hard to tell from the menu descriptions) and the rest were entrees. It needed balancing. Also—and I’m letting my editor flag fly here—it needs subheads. Appetizers? Desserts? What section am I in?

Our group got a spattering of lots of different dishes—some came with breakfast potatoes, some didn’t. It was like Lost Society took the dinner menu and just added eggs. I feel like a motivational coach: You can do better. I know you can.


The country fried steak with potatoes and poached eggs was not stellar. The chicken and waffles, I kind of felt like I got half of the actual dish, and the chicken was super bland. The tuna tartare … this is usually an appetizer, but here, who knows. And, where’s my crackers to eat it with? Also, I am in desperate need of fruit here.


I feel like there was a real opportunity to create an innovative steak brunch here (steak Bennys, anyone? Corned beef hash?), but none of the effort. Again, I have to keep in mind that they have since revamped their brunch menu, but this was my opening weekend impression.


The drinks were rather expensive, and so we didn’t bother. Plus, the ambiance of the place just isn’t the same in the daytime. The light streams through the tall windows, and so you’re not very inclined to drink away your hangover with Bloody Marys, unless you’re wearing shades.

Also, the coffee? Four dollars. I’m just saying.

The Bitches say: B-. Decent food, but the menu is not thought out, which confuses things. That being said, they probably have changed the menu since our visit, so we defer to more recent Bitches.

Lost Society
2001 14th Street N.W. D.C.
Washington, DC

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