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Logan Tavern Brunch

You want to love Logan Tavern. I mean, the location alone is enough. The patio allows for some killer people-watching on P Street. And the interior is chill and cozy.

But then you encounter the evil hostesses. And the obnoxious servers and bartenders. And the mediocre food. And you’re done.


We had a reservation that they wouldn’t seat until every member of our party was standing in the restaurant waiting … along with the 50+ other people who were waiting, all hovering around the poor tables of people who were seated in the main dining room. The bar was packed and wouldn’t serve us while we waited. We were parched, post New Years celebrations, and we had a big group assembling. (At one point, while waiting, a waiter behind Cori Sue yelled so loudly, startling her so badly, she fell into Becca’s arms.) Finally, succumbing to our Bitchiness, the monster behind the hostess stand decided she would seat us on the patio. In January.

Yeah. We were not happy.

We’re going to let the others expound on the food. Because they are nicer than we are …

“The waiter wasn’t the only prick; there was a really bitchy waiter inside that actually screamed ‘excuse me’ at some of the guests. Yes, it was crowded inside because of the wait for the tables for significant, but that’s something the restaurant should have thought of when they position tables directly next to the bar. I don’t think the customer is always right, but the customer doesn’t need to be scolded. Nor does the customer need to be reminded to, ‘Please, order  in clockwise position.’ Nor should one wait until after the appetizers are served to get a cup of coffee (this may be the reason I was cranky  about the service to begin with). F for service. I had the California Benedict (poached eggs, hollandaise, avocado, roasted turkey, on a croissant). It was unique. And, individually, each component of the dish was good, but it didn’t marry well. That is probably the reason why it is unique. The fried green tomatoes were great, and great for sharing. Loved the peach relish. B for food.”


“The major thing I liked about the steak sandwich, besides it tasting good, was the steak was cooked medium (and I said medium), and I was able to eat it like a sandwich. The steak was tender enough so when you would bite into it the meat didn’t come out all at once on the first bite. The coleslaw side was on par … I don’t see how you could mess that up. The waiter was very … precise. I mean, did he really have to ask each individual person if they had food allergies? Isn’t that something you’d mention if you had one? I found that comical.”

“One thing about the decor did catch my eye. The big clock and the gargoyles behind the bar. When’s the last time you saw gargoyles in a restaurant? You don’t see that every day.”

“It was prime time for people-watching on the street. Lot’s of people walking their dogs, running, riding motorcycles, bums asking for money while we ate. Lovely.”


“The place was OK. I wasn’t expecting the brussel sprouts to be cold. The hamburger was good but a little on the rare side; I guess my fault for ordering medium rare. I liked the fries. I really like their beer selection.”


“My French toast looked really ugly, to be honest. But, it tasted great. It was topped with a sticky cinnamon pecan sauce you’d find on top of a pecan roll. It was delicious, but I would have liked more of the sauce. They let me order French fries instead of home fries, and the French fries were crap. After having the French fries at Granville Moores, Brasserie Beck, and Firefly, these were downright awful by comparison. Also, my side of fruit was pretty crappy/ugly/unfresh, I only took a few bites.”


“The omelet was pretty standard, yummy and fresh, and they were very accommodating. As in, they let me make substitutions on my order. Always a plus. Oh, and I did really enjoy the brussel sprouts salad, which was topped with a truffle oil dressing/sauce.”

The Bitches say: C. It would have been higher, because the food was varied between OK to pretty good, but the service gives it the failing grade. What’s the point of brunch if you’re stressed out by the service?

Logan Tavern
1423 P Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20005
(202) 332-3710

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Becca and Cori Sue

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about the experience at Logan. Which is why, whenever anyone mentions brunch at Logan, I’ve always suggested The Heights as an alternative.

    It’s owned by the same company, has practically the same menu (including the “build your own Bloody Mary”), and even has a big gothic clock behind the bar; but the service is SO much smoother and the space way less cramped, even during a busy Sunday brunch.

    Add this to being stupidly easy to get to (just a block North of Columbia Heights Metro), I don’t know why anyone bothers with Logan anymore.

  2. I wonder when, precisely, this meal took place. As I recall, we enjoyed temperatures in the 60s on January 1. Sounds like perfect patio weather to me. And what is wrong with refusing to seat an incomplete party? The restaurant could serve coffee to 2 or 3 people for 20 minutes, or wait on a complete party from among the 50+ guests and actually make some money. If you had a reservation, why wasn’t everyone there at the appointed time? The street goes both ways: the restaurant is obligated to accommodate the party at the reservation time, but the party is obligated to show up on time.

  3. The Bitches were on time. We cannot account for the rest of our brunch guests. However, we can say that 10 out of our 12 guests were there, waiting, crowding the doorway, and attempting to get drinks from the bar for a solid 45 minutes past our reservation time. A lot of restaurants have rules that call for 3/4 of the party to be there, which makes sense for large parties. In this instance, the hostess could have used common sense and sat 10 people down outside (where it was empty on that side of the patio the entire time we were waiting, anyway), who would have all ordered rounds of Bloody Marys/mimosa/appetizers. Instead, she left us in the entryway to be repeatedly treated poorly (not to mention yelled at and nearly pushed around) by your service people. When you focus on “the rules” and “making money” instead of common sense and customer satisfaction you not only lose out on rounds of Bloody Marys but also on our future patronage. As far as the weather, I enjoyed the patio. But a lot of our guests were shivering out there because of the wind.

  4. I think this is a perfect example of a restaurant with a great location, good food, decent prices cracking under the pressure or large crowds. My entire family is in the wine/liquor business out west and if I learned anything SERVICE is key. I imagine this is an opportunity for them to focus on focusing on stronger customer service that not only meets expectations but exceeds.

  5. Wow…the Logan Tavern’s rudeness has made its way all the way from the Patio on P Street to the Comments Section of Bitches Who Brunch. You just proved the reviewers point! The Bitches were too kind in this post – rules are rules, but what of the rules of civility? There are few occasions when it is EVER appropriate to yell at another person. And it is totally inexcusable for restaurant staff to yell at its patrons. Lighten up, Logan Tavern–it would’ve gotten you a passing grade.

  6. The use of second-person pronouns in Cori Sue’s comment and Brooke’s comment gives me the impression that people think I speak for Logan Tavern, which I don’t.

  7. I don’t care if this gets published or not, but I can only say that if you comparing Brasserie Beck to Logan Tavern, it is very apparent that you do not know what you are talking about. I recommend a new hobby.

    And apparently somebody is doing something correctly, as evidenced by the throngs of screaming yuppies crawling out of the woodwork to get mediocre fries.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with this review, except I’ve never really considered the food to be more than OK at best. Logan Tavern is in the fortunate situation to be in one of the best locations for any neighborhood restaurant- which is why I think the place is less than average, they don’t have to be good, they can rest on their laurels and watch people walk in and spend money without having to make an effort.

    Regarding the service I think it must be a Grillfish Group thing, I was at the bar of Commissary this past weekend and shocked to see what can only be a manager shout and reprimand a member of the bar staff in front of a crowded bar or customers- take it to the kitchen or an office, we don’t need to see that.

  9. These girls absolutely know what they are talking about. I have brunched here three times; that’s how much I *want* to love it. Great location, great prices, great atmopshere. But the last time I dined here I got a crabcake “salad”. Yes, I use quotes because three pieces of wilty butter lettuce laid across the plate with four thick slices of unripened tomato stacked on top does not consistute a salad in my book. And the crabcake was mostly filler. And cold. And FISHY. Sorry Logan Tavern, but I cannot overlook the monstrosity that was my meal; third strike, you’re out.

  10. Wow! I just went to logans on sunday around 1 oclock. No wait, no crowds, the server was a guy he was very nice, he retrieved us from the bar, and seated us. Our server was a guy he was super nice. He got everything we asked for so quickly, and constantly came to check on us. He even handed out cheesecake on his tab to a nice table two seats down. The woman next to us was being such a crab about some raw Brussels spouts on her plate he took it away with a smile and brought her something else within 5 to 10 minutes. I guess maybe it was timing, or they have new staff. I got the crab cakes Benedict and it totally cleaned my plate. My aunt got the french toast and almost stabbed my to stop picking from her plate. Maybe if it was earlier, and we were caught in a rush of people it would be different. its so wierd though, but for the most part I ltrust most of the reviews, but i also go to most of these places are a crack of dawn when they first open so sometimes i think my service is different.

  11. Without question Logan Tavern has the worst waiters (just plain rude and nasty), bar tenders, and all over staff in general. Not a single smile can be found on any of their faces. They just look at you with a near growl on their face. In really it doesn’t matter what the food taste like (always over cooked or under cooked, count on it) if your staff is like miserable, unhappy drolls I can’t be bothered.
    Just like most I know, I as well will never return to Logan Tavern.
    P.S. ALL of the restaurants in this chain are the same way. Below par food with miserable staff.
    In reality…has anyone ever really seen even David smile. Proof that it does all start at the top. For real.

    P.S. Bartender, if your drinks look like all the ice has melted in them it’s because it’s weak/watered down. Take a course in Bartending 101.

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