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Levante’s Brunch

A note from the Bitches: this restaurant is now closed.

We’re tottering through March here in Hollywood for Ugly People. Err … Washington, DC. And what does that mean? Peep toes! Bare legs! Rooftop bars! Oh, I am starting to go giddy just thinking about the fair-weather possibilities. Twenty-nine inches of snow? Pfft. That was a whole month ago. Ancient history, darlings.

But instead of celebrating the impending spring song with a brunch on an outdoor patio, shaded by a fab yellow umbrella, baring sunglasses and champagne flumes, we decided to go Levantes, which, sadly, is practically underground.

Side note: It was indeed drizzling on Sunday; so it’s not as if I could have truly enjoyed the spring weather anyway.

From our table for 15 I sat facing the street, where I could admire Dupont’s shoe collection, as the dirty sidewalk is disappointly eye-level with the restaurant’s patrons. To add to this failed atmosphere, there is no music or attempt at lighting. I felt like I was dining in a dingy school cafeteria.

The Turkish restaurant does a good brunch deal, though. $18.95 for a buffet, and $20.95 with three glasses of mimosas. Can’t beat those prices in DC. The food, however, hardly lived up to the restaurant’s Mediterranean roots. A few falafels, baba ganoush, and some hummus aside, the fare is standard American brunch: omelets and waffles made to order, eggs Benedict, fresh fruit, salad, pastries, nova.

Then there were the dishes that made me ponder: a variety of soups, roast beef, cooked salmon, brownies … pecan pie? It’s lovely that they had such a variety of food, but it was all annoyingly out of order in the buffet line, to where I was piling a brownie on top of my fruit, while attempting to keep the runny eggs from touching my hummus. I suggest small plates, many trips.

The staff was lovely. And the poor girl that had to wait on our large post-St.-Patty’s-Day-8k group kept us topped up with ample coffee, water, and mimosas.

But oh, how I wish we could have had this brunch outside, under the sun. It would have just made it all better.

The bitches say: B-, for average food, below average ambiance, weird brunch buffet layout… but great service and price.


Dupont (there’s one in Bethesda, too)

1320 19th St. NW


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  1. Did seem kind of scattershot, food-wise. But I do love an all-you-can eat buffet, regardless of lack of theme.

    Mimosas didn’t skimp on the champagne, either.

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