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Leopolds Kafe and Konditorei Brunch

Nestled in Cady’s Alley in Georgetown, Leopold’s Kafe is an authentic European bistro with trendy modern décor and a lovely patio for outdoor dining. Leopold’s is the perfect place for a ladies’ lunch, or, in this case, a bitches’ brunch. Despite its sparse modern décor, I still felt cozy seated around a small table with my best friends.  We started with big cups of warm, delicious, savory cofee. (Why is European coffee always so much better?)

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Then, as restaurant protocol would have it, a basket of warm bread with olive oil and butter. I always appreciate it when they give you the choice between the two and when the butter isn’t frozen solid.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

The menu is diverse, unique, and authentically European (predominantly German and French dishes). Everything—from sandwiches, soups, salad, breakfast dishes—is served a la carte, allowing for lots of creativity when choosing your meal. We definitely took advantage of this option, trying all sorts of unique dishes. I began with an artichoke-potato soup with carmelized onions and delicious croutons.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Meanwhile, Stephanie started with the Brunnenkresse-Birnbaum Salat: the watercress, endive and pear salad with Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts &sherry-pumpkinseed vinaigrette. Thankfully, we are a sharing bunch because this salad looked—and tasted—too good not to share!

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

On to the entrees, Maggie went for Kaiser-schmarrn mit Zwetschgenroster, described as a currant soufflé with plum compote. In reality, it was more like pancakes with currants and plum-compote taking the place of blueberries and syrup. It was delicious and even kept well for late-night leftovers (always an added bonus).

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

The best part of Leopolds, however, is the trio of tea sandwiches– you pick from several menu options. I go by the credo that anything mini is cuter. More importantly, who knew they could pack so much flavor into a such a small sandwich? Between Stephanie and I, our petit picks- salmon and cucumber salad; brie-apple-walnut-honey on french bread; chicken salad; and, my favorite, melted gruyere with carmelized onions and truffle oil on rye bread. I die.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Unfortunately, we were so eager to sample the menu we were too full for dessert, which was truly unfortunately. Their seemingly endless variety of pastries made me think I’d died and gone to heaven. I’ll be back to Leopolds soon enough, though, I’m sure.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

The bitches say: A, for amazing food, mouth-watering pastries, sheek modern design with adorable outdoor seating… and only a little lax on the service.


3315 M St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

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  1. Leopolds is an Austrian place. Vienna the capital city of Austria is know for its coffeehouse culture. The meals, coffee, desserts even drinks at Leopolds are typical Austrian. There is a difference when it comes to German and Austrian culture especially when talking about a Coffee.

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