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La Tomate Brunch

It’s very rare nowadays that I waste an hour, much less a day. Gone are the days of football games, day drinking, and lazy Sundays. If I want to get everything accomplished, I need to make every hour count towards a goal.

Such was not the case last Saturday. The day began wonderfully. It was a beautiful, cold winter morning when I hopped in the car with two handsome gentlemen. (How every great story should begin). We drove out to Great Falls, and headed to the trails to knock out a 20-mile training run.

Despite the long distance, the run went smoothly. With waterfalls, rivers, rocks, and deer on the pine-shaded gravel trail, the route was stunning. We knocked out 20 miles and then, suddenly, our bodies really hurt. Knees, hips, head, you name it, it hurt. The solution to the pain? Alcohol.

After a quick, stiff shower, I had about 10 minutes to make it to brunch—Uber!—and waddled into La Tomate to meet Meg, Adrienne, and Alana. The three hadn’t previously been acquainted, but all had expressed interest in brunch that day. And, I’m a huge fan of smooshing good people together and seeing what happens.

La Tomate Brunch 9

You know what really brings people together? Bottomless mimosas. At La Tomate, the beverages are priced at $15 for all-you-can-drink mimosas, Bloody Marys, or screw drivers.

We were seated in the sun-lit corner of La Tomate, the atrium-style Italian bistro that’s acted as a landmark in North Dupont since 1976. Outside the window, we watched the city pass by on the sidewalks while La Tomate’ enormous Christmas towered above.

Our waiter was a smiling, quiet, gentleman from Honduras. He was attentive yet unobtrusive, which is how I prefer brunch service. And, he kept the mimosas flowing, which is how I must have my brunch service.

Three of us opted for mimosas, while Meg selected screwdrivers. You can mix-and-match your beverages, but we all went with consistency.

We began with plates of prosciutto, which is always a great decision. La Tomate offers five different kinds of the Italian ham, served four different ways. We selected Parma Prosciutto, served with an enormous, fresh ball of Mozzarella. We also selected the Proscuitto San Daniele, option, wherein the prosciutto is served with chesnut honey on toasted pumpernickel bread. This dish was a win.

La Tomate Brunch 17

Personally, I love prosciutto e melon, and despite the fact this was recently taken off the menu, the waiter brought me a plate of cantaloupe. It was all heavenly.

La Tomate Brunch 11

After lots of conversation about spontaneous trips to Europe for Portuguese men, business, travel, and literature.

These three women, in particular, are all intelligent, entrepreneurial, and intellectually curious. So, in hindsight, it made perfect sense that they would get along spectacularly.

Eventually, we made it to entrees. Meg and Alana both selected the Eggs Benedict with prosciutto, made with organic poached eggs. The dish was perfect—fresh, well-prepared, and delicious—that neither lady left a morsel on her plate.

La Tomate Brunch 24

Adrienne ordered the vegetarian frittata, an organic egg frittata with mixed vegetables and Fontina cheese. She explains, “Frittatas are my small homage to being almost vegetarian. Things like prosciutto though, is why I’m not fully vegetarian. Anyway, with you always ordering steak frites, I figure I have to do my part to reduce our collective carbon footprint, and order a veggie entree.” This frittata was more than nice. It was moist and juicy, but not fried greasy, and flavorfully cheesy. A truly Italian frittata.

La Tomate Brunch 31

Speaking of my carnivorous tendencies, I’ve become a bit of a burger monster. So, I ordered the La Tomate Burger Bismarka, and I am damn glad I did. The burger was made local Roseda Angus beef from a Maryland farm. The dish was enormous—cooked medium rare, topped with crispy smoked Pancetta and a fried egg, and served on a toasted bun. The burger was moist and delicious. So much so that I took a bite and juice spilled everywhere. It was cute—and then I opted for a fork.

La Tomate Brunch 40

Eventually, we decided on dessert: crème brulee and a chocolate cake. The crème brulee was better than the cake, as it was just a perfectly prepared, classic brulee. Better yet, the dessert was lemon flavored and topped with fresh sliced strawberries.

La Tomate Brunch 44

The owner, an Italian Mama, insisted we try her gluten-free cheesecake. We were stuffed, but we acquiesced, given that so many readers are gluten-free nowadays.

La Tomate Brunch 55

When the sun started to set, I finally checked my phone. It was past 5 o’clock in the afternoon. That’s
what happens when you bring good people, good food, and bottomless mimosas–the time flies and you realize you’ve spent the day exactly as you should.

La Tomate Brunch 59

The Bitches say: A. We were pleasantly surprised by this old school spot, which serves up high-quality cuisine and a stellar bottomless deal.

La Tomate
1701 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 667-5505

La Tomate serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays with $15 bottomless.

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  1. Very glad to see La Tomate offered a solid brunch. I was there a year or so ago and the meal was hit and miss, but then I heard that the revamped the restaurant. Sounds like they’re doing good things.
    Any day that involves a long brunch and good girl talk is a perfect way to “waste” a few hours.

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