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Kanela Brunch Streeterville

I knew that a weekday off called for brunch, but where to go was the real question. Weekday brunches can be hard to find, so I scoured my inbox trying to find a place for my friend Britt and I to brunch our hearts out. I came across an email I had received from a Paper Girl PR, which represents a restaurant Kanela Breakfast Club, and the lightbulb went off.

Kanela StreetervilleThe folks over at Kanela pride themselves to providing local, organic, and delicious Greek-inspired American fare. Our weekday brunch was on-the-house this go around, thanks to the kind PR folks. Our New York City Editor, Ally, reviewed Kanela in Old Town more than a year ago, but I figured this new location deserved a go. Kanela Streeterville

Britt arrived before I did—damn you, CTA—and was seated at a table near the floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing amazing natural light to flood the restaurant. Kanela also has an outdoor seating patio, allowing patrons to enjoy the weather when it’s warm, but I was glad we were inside so I could really take in the decor that was clean and bright. When I arrived, the GM greeted me and graciously explained the menu, providing more insight on the organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Our server, Daniel, was equally wonderful and knowledgeable, and arrived bearing pumpkin spice iced coffees. Holy cow, this coffee was SO delicious! It tasted like liquid pumpkin pie— so perfectly sweet and autumnal. There was creamer on the side—no black coffee for this Bitch!

Kanela StreetervilleWe indulged in one of their best sellers: monkey bread for our appetizer. When it arrived, it came in a form I didn’t expect. It had more of a coffee cake texture and appearance but was nonetheless delightful. Finely minced walnuts, tons of cinnamon and powdered sugar on top perfectly complimented the caramelized bread underneath. Definitely worth trying and is a great indulgence for anyone with a sweet tooth! Kanela Streeterville

Kanela StreetervilleThere are many options for entrees on the Kanela menu, so we asked our server Daniel for his recommendations. Britt chose the pork belly Eggs Benedict, which was recommended by Daniel. It tasted like Thanksgiving on a plate—the eggs Benny had Brussels sprouts, cranberries, pork belly, green onion, and poached eggs atop of an English muffin, covered in Hollandaise. It was delicious and I highly recommend it! The side of potatoes was delectable and really added to the eggs Benny—it was quite the meal! Kanela Streeterville

One of the other recommendations Daniel proposed was the red velvet French toast. Wow! Our New York City editor Ally has this as well and says in her review, “Basically, this was an excuse to eat red velvet cake for breakfast”. She is absolutely correct! It was a red velvet cake roll filled with mascarpone cheese and topped with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. It was insanely good, but was probably the entire calorie count for an entire day but it was completely worth it. Hot yoga takes care of all of those indulgences, right? Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

Kanela Streeterville

The Bitches say A+. With multiple locations, organic food, brunch everyday, and lovely staff, you can’t really go wrong with Kanela.

Kanela Breakfast Club
502 E Illinois St.
Chicago, IL
(312) 380-0071

Kanela serves brunch everyday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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