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Kafe Leopold Brunch

Confession of a brunch blogger: I ate the exact same thing last time I went to Kafe Leopold. That’s right, I’ve failed you. I’ve done it. I’ve let you down.

The thing is, they just have these adorable little sandwiches. They’re just so cute (forgive me?). And you can get three different ones, allowing you to sample three different flavors (what about now?). One of them involves truffle oil, gruyere, and caramelized onions (ok, so now you understand). No one turns down truffle oil.


My precious petite sandwiches—(1) the aforementioned truffle oil heaven on pumpernickel (2) salmon and cucumber salad and (3) apple, walnut, honey—were accompanied by lobster bisque, which I also had last time.

I returned to Leopolds for a few reasons (besides the delightful sandwiches). First and foremost, they serve brunch on Fridays, which was ideal for entertaining our out-of-town guests. Second, I adore the bright, open space with minimalist décor and splashes of orange on the napkins, chairs, and menus. It’s trendy yet unassuming, and so very European.

For this brunch, I had the pleasure of three lovely friends joining me. Guest Bitch Ryan agreed with my musings on the decor, adding, “I really liked the warm and inviting atmosphere at Leopold’s. The orange colors definitely livened things up.”  I feel like you’d find Leopolds in Paris, Berlin, or Copenhagen.

Lastly, the food is creative, fresh, and healthy. The menu is both varied and extensive—pick from light options like breakfast, pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches to heavier choices like steaks, bratwurst, and mussels.

Ryan, surprisingly healthy for a man-about-town, ordered the yogurt, which was topped with granola and fresh mango, and oatmeal. This, however, is Leopolds, so this was no ordinary oatmeal. This was a chai oatmeal, served with cinnamon crème fraiche and figs. Frankly, I’m bored to tears by the mere thought of oatmeal, but I found myself envying his dish from across the table. And, while I was within arms-reach, Ryan and I were new friends, so I managed to (barely) restrain myself from jabbing my spoon into his bowl.


Miss Lindsey, a regular guest Bitch, ordered the soft boiled eggs and offers her insight:

“As a novice at cracking soft boiled eggs, I wanted to take on the challenge. I had somewhat of a difficult experience cracking into the hard shell to unveil the soft yolk inside, but when I got the hang of it, it was quite delightful and fresh. The presentation was lovely and the two eggs were accompanied by the cutest little spoon in order to successfully dig into the crevice of the shell. Served with buttered toast points and a side of fruit, it was a perfectly well-balanced and light breakfast to start out the day.”

The fruit plate, may I say, was lovely. And, as you know, we love a good fruit plate.


Last but not least, Carter, who eats like a boy (you know what I mean), decided on the sausage, egg, and grits immediately upon opening the menu. Unlike the rest of us, who pondered over our options on the six-page menu, he saw his dish and stuck to it.

Frankly, I was surprised they served grits. I thought we were in Paris, not Charleston? I was also surprised by the plate’s pleasant presentation. I didn’t know you could make grits look pretty, but with the sunny-side up egg, Leopold’s managed to do so. I assume the dish was delish, because Carter was a member of the clean plate club.

The Bitches say: There’s a reason we came back … A (again).

Kafe Leopold
3318 M St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 965-6005

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