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International Egg Day: New York

When people tell me they are vegan I always have one immediate question: you don’t eat eggs!?

L’oeuf quickly became a staple of my diet back in college. They’re inexpensive, easy to cook and, actually, relatively healthy. Well, today is a magical day—International Egg Day.

We’ve gathered a yolk-filled guide to the best egg dishes in New York. Forgive the pun, but it’s nothing but EGGcellent brunches to try this weekend.

Café Select
The eggs Rosti at Café Select is delicious. Imagine an enormous hash brown, the ideal vessel to sop up the egg yolk, and thinly sliced meat for a perfectly balanced bite. Easy to share, and a must-order, you’ll find our full review here.

Cafe Select Brunch

Black Ant
Huevos pochados con langosta. You’ve got that right, Bitches. Poached eggs and lobster; decadent and delicious. Served on jalapeno biscuits with chorizo gravy and papitas, this dish is worth every calorie. Read our full review here.

The Black Ant Brunch

Egg Shop
Obviously, a place named Egg Shop is the perfect place to find great egg dishes. Stop by here if you’re interested in unique twists on eggy delights available for lunch and dinner. Our full review is available here.

Egg Shop Brunch

Alice’s Arbor
Eggs aren’t always in omelet form; they also go quite well with kale. I am a sucker for a nice kale salad with soft boiled or poached eggs on top. So different, so good! Read our full review here.

Alice's Arbor Brunch

Sacred Chow
Okay, okay they aren’t really eggs, but you may be surprised. The “big scramble bowl” is tofu disguising itself as eggs and it is quite delicious. Read our full review here then go see for yourself!

Sacred Chow Brunch

It’s International Egg Day, Bitches, get crackin’!


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