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Inn at Perry Cabin

It was the last Saturday in September, prime time for an adventure outside the city. We woke up early, popped into Big Bear Cafe for a coffee, and small breakfast to go, and hit the road to St. Michaels, a charming town on the Eastern shore of Maryland, to shop for wedding venues.

You’ve likely heard of St. Michaels because in 2005 the movie Wedding Crashers was filmed at the famous Inn at Perry Cabin – “Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does!”  was coined here.


After two site visits, we arrived at the Inn at Perry Cabin. The “Inn” classification is misleading because although the property is quaint, it’s certainly not small, with 78 guest rooms, and luxe onsite amenities including a pool, bocce courts, and a spa. The restaurant, Stars, overlooks the Miles River with floor to ceiling windows and skylights that create a chic, nautical vibe.


Since I had a sweet yogurt parfait that morning, I was in the mood for a savory lunch. Luckily, the menu consisted mainly of salads and various seafood dishes, along with some sandwiches. No eggs or pancakes in sight. Mimosas, however, were an option.

To start, we split the Caesar salad, which actually ended up coming out with our main dishes. I’ve had my fair share of Caesar salads in my day—and suffice it to say, this one was average. The dressing was weak and the croutons tasted like stale re-purposed herb and cheddar cheese rolls, which we were served upon arrival.


Being a Maryland boy, Gav was in heaven, and decided unequivocally on the crab cake sandwich. As we were mulling over the rest of our options and taking in the scene, I saw a perfectly cooked burger and fries go by and thought, “Fine, twist my arm Perry Cabin, I’ll order the burger!” Self talk gets me every time. IMG_8486

When our meal arrived both sandwiches looked delicious, so we quickly decided to go halfsies, and split the burger and the crab cake sandwich to share.  The fries, however, were all mine. Gav noted that the crab cake had virtually “no filler,” meaning it was purely lump crab meat with no extra ingredients to make it appear bigger. The meat was chunky and fresh, and mixed with just the right amount of mustard. Since it was purely crab meat, it actually didn’t hold its integrity as a sandwich, so I ended up eating it as a crab cake and removing the bread.

The burger was juicy, just the right thickness, and accompanied by ripe sliced tomatoes and perfectly melted American cheese. And let’s not forget about the fries.  They were perfectly cooked skinny sticks of deliciousness, with just the right amount of herb seasoning and salt.


As we were finishing our last bites, the wedding planner swung by our table to make sure we were enjoying our meal. Eager to take a tour of the property, but cautious not to come off as stage five clingers, we quickly got the check and casually hustled to our appointment.

The Bitches say: B+. The Inn at Perry Cabin is a charming Eastern shore escape, with sweeping river views and a hearty selection of seafood fare.

Stars, Inn at Perry Cabin
308 Watkins Lane
St. Michaels, MD 21663

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