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I’m Brooke. I brunch with the Bitches almost every weekend, and sometimes I get written about when I feel like whipping up something Bitchin’ in the kitchen. I recently brunched at Indigo Landing – an updated southern restaurant off the Jefferson Davis Highway – and figured I’d put in my two cents.

The ambiance at Indigo was great – you can immediately tell why this restaurant is often used for weddings and special events. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows looked out onto the Potomac. Eric (another Brunchin’ Bitch) and I got a kick out of alternately watching a sailing class and airplanes landing at Reagan National. Some of the rookie sailors were … not so successful. And if it had been just a tad warmer, that outdoor deck looking at the water and the monuments would have been oh-so-tempting.

Wedding Reception at Indigo Landing Restaurant

Indoors is a beautiful space too – open and lively with guitarist, without being overwhelmingly loud. That, and the tables being spaced appropriately, meant that these two long-lost friends could catch up on all the juicy gossip without yelling or having our friendly brunch neighbors hear the intimate details of our lives. Kudos, Indigo Landing.

The food was a different story. I admit, Eric and I didn’t do our research beforehand. And, like the Bitches often preach about buffets, we weren’t wild about it, but, a buffet is what we had.

None of the food was bad, though. Just none of it was drop-dead-amazing, we-must-have-thirds. It had your standard buffet options, including an omelet station, waffle station (where Eric accidentally covered his waffle with whipped butter instead of whipped cream, oops!), fresh fruit, a pastry tray and a carving stations with some pretty good roast beef.

Outdoor Deck Patio

The food got pretty random after that, though. There was the requisite pork products and shellfish, which Eric indulged in. I sampled some of the Southern fare, including grits and salmon. The grits which were cheesy, warm, and comforting. I don’t really remember the preparation of the salmon, but I do remember leaving most of it on my plate. The breakfast potatoes were what you expect on a buffet: boring and salty. And the salad options were really just mesclun greens, with a choice of salad dressings. They looked a bit out of a place next to all of the other heavier options.

For dessert, there was a selection of cakes and pies. Eric and I both went for the chocolate-fudge-layer cake. Delish. Who doesn’t want – what I would call – New York-style cake after eating grits? Like I said, random food.

The service was solid. We were offered complimentary mimosas as we sat down, and piping hot coffee was on the table before we returned from our first foray to the buffet line. People who know me know that the timeliness of the coffee is key to a good brunch.

The Bitches say: B-. The service and scene saved Indigo Landing from a lower grade.

Indigo Landing
One Marina Drive
Alexandria, Va.
(703) 548-0001

Indigo Landing on Urbanspoon

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  • Joanna says:

    I remember you didn’t care for restaurant week there. I’m surprised you were willing to try the brunch. Pork and seafood seems to be their staples.

  • Mary says:

    To avoid confusion, Indigo Landing is not on Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1.) Rather, it is on the George Washington Parkway located roughly half-way between Reagan National Airport and Old Town Alexandria. A cross-road allows access if you are traveling south from DC.

  • [...] Indigo Landing takes in the view from the other side of the Potomac, in Arlington. There’s live music inside and a gorgeous patio for outdoor dining. It’s ripe for events or special occasions (there are lots of wedding receptions there). But, again, it’s a buffet. And you know how we feel about buffets. [...]

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