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Hundred Acres Brunch

I woke up in a particularly ghoulish mood. After insisting on Citi biking to brunch thanks to my unreliable weather app, I got so intensely poured on that I had to speed pedal back to my apartment to change. There’s something about rain that causes all of the Citi Bike surfaces to be overly sticky, which only exacerbated my “I can’t even” attitude. I guess the good news was, it could only go up from there.

Hundred Acres

We arrived at Hundred Acres with wet hair and hungry stomachs, and despite a reservationist telling me on the phone that he could “squeeze us in” for my last minute request, he did so by making our reservation at a time that the restaurant was apparently not open. Despite this peculiar twist to our plan, Hundred Acres was totally accommodating to our early bird (10:15 a.m.) entrance, and sat us right down.

Hundred Acres

I picked Hundred Acres because I knew they were great for groups. The back room, which is filled with light from sun lamps and thriving greenery, has several large round tables that fit our group of six perfectly. I also like that the menu changes constantly based on what is fresh and in season. Hundred Acres

Hundred Acres

While we were waiting for Paul’s parents to arrive, we ordered much-needed lattes (but when are they not, really?), and Joanne ordered a raspberry rumba with organic black tea, raspberry, and hibiscus. Hundred Acres

We started with the ricotta beignets, served with Catskill Mountain honey and powdered sugar. These were a huge hit at a table of folks who don’t usually care for sweet, which means they were really good. We also shared the gooey cinnamon rolls, which were yummy. So far, so good.

Hundred Acres

Paul and I shared the chilaquiles with poached eggs, ranchero sauce, crisp tortillas, cotija cheese, onions, radishes, lime crema, and cilantro. I loved the flavors in this dish, and it reminded me of brunch nachos. The chips at the bottom were a bit too soggy for my liking, which was weird since we crushed this the minute it arrived so it’s not like it was sitting in the plate for long. Otherwise, this was my favorite entree of the brunch bunch. Hundred AcresPaul and I also split the soft scrambled eggs with asparagus. Everytime I get eggs with asparagus, I’m reminded that I don’t actually like asparagus in my eggs, so this was a bad order for me but totally my fault. My big complaint to the restaurant, however, was that the eggs were far from soft scrambled. This should have just been advertised as a regular scramble, because they were rather stiff.

Hundred Acres

Paul’s dad ordered the corned beef hash and eggs, which he really liked. It seems there is a “hash of the day”, as this wasn’t listed on the brunch menu on the website or any other older iterations of their ever-changing menu online. That being said, Phil had no complaints about this flavorful dish and really enjoyed it. Hundred Acres

Paul’s mom ordered the baked eggs with with stewed New Jersey tomatoes, roasted sweet peppers, garlic, and feta. The ingredients made for a beautifully colored plate, and we loved the addition of the feta, which is a refreshing variation to the cheese usually found in baked eggs. The only downfall was how runny it was – Julie ended up eating this with a spoon, which is odd for eggs.

The Bitches say: B-. We all liked our brunch..we just didn’t love it. Every dish was good but could have been improved. I still stand by Hundred Acres being a solid place to bring a low key group looking for a nice atmosphere and better-than-standard brunch food.

Hundred Acres
38 Macdougal St.
(212) 475-7500

Hundred Acres serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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