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How To Setup The Perfect Mimosa Bar

Summertime – the season of celebrations. From graduation parties, Fourth of July festivities to bridal and baby showers, the parties just keep on coming! When it comes to hosting your own get-togethers, things can get overwhelming. I’m a lover of hosting, experimenting with new ingredients and working on achieving my goal of becoming Chrissy Teigen’s taste tester and have found that having a few small details makes a huge difference when hosting a party at home.

If you’re like me and want to make sure you’re setting up your guests to have a good time, I’ve got a little secret for you…just add bubbles. We had some fun with our friends at Mionetto to show you how to build your own #MioMosa bar!

What’s a #MioMosa? Mio in Italian means MY, and that’s what #MioMosa is all about – My Mionetto Miomosa is a personalized creation made entirely your way!

What You’ll Need

  • Bubbly – We prefer Mionetto Brut or Mionetto Extra Dry Rose
  • Ice Bucket & Ice
  • Fruit Juices – Offer a variety of different chilled fruit juices such as; orange juice, cranberry juice, peach juice. Pour juices into clear containers and label if there are a lot of options.
  • Glassware – Clear and serving glasses.  If you host a lot like me, then it’s worth the investment to buy a couple dozen of these Milk Glasses from Hobby Lobby. Otherwise, plastic flutes work just as well and are easier for cleanup.
  • Garnishes – In my opinion, everything looks better with a garnish. Whether it is greenery placed in the glass, fruit added to the rim, or extra fruit dropped in to soak up some bubbly – it all makes for an aesthetically appealing cocktail.
  • Labels – If you’re having a bunch of guests, take the time to label.  Not only will this add a personal touch, but labeling will also cut down on the number of questions asked about the different juice options on the table.

How To Assemble:

  1. Setup your table décor and “stage”.
  2. Fill glass juice carafes with chilled juice. Place next to your Prosecco of choice.
  3. Pop the bubbly! Open 2-3 bottles of chilled Prosecco or sparkling rosé and store in ice buckets to keep chilled.
  4. Slice some fresh fruit. Place your fruit in small bowls around the table décor.

Fun Recipies To Try:

  1. Mionetto Sunshine Spritz – Mionetto Brut DOC, Orange Juice, Campari & Orange Slice
  2. Mionetto Poolside Rose Float – Mionetto Sparkling Rosé, Scoop of Rainbow Sherbet, & Mint leaf
  3. Mionetto Arancia Spritz – Mionetto Brut DOC, San Pellegrino Aranciata, Campari, & Orange Slice

This post is sponsored by Mionetto Prosecco. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are our own.

Colleen Phillips

Recipe & Lifestyle Editor

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