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Healthy Banana Chocolate Almond Smoothie

I’m a major fan of anything created in my Vitamix blender. I’m pretty convinced that I could turn my remote control into a smoothie if I wanted to – it’s that powerful. Resisting the urge to stick non-edible things in my kitchen power tool, I instead turn to drinkable creations, which is why my fridge is always well stocked with smoothie staples. I recommend to everyone interested in avoiding the steep cost of smoothies in your local NYC health shop to instead invest in your own almond milk, fruits, dates, cacao powder, and other key ingredients.

Bitches in the Kitchen: Choc Banana Almond Smoothie

 As someone who battles a constant sweets craving while trying to maintain a healthy diet, this “dessert” smoothie was the answer to all of my problems. It resembles everything I love about a milkshake (without the ice cream calories), caters to my vegan friends, and is an easy fix to my stormy mood swings when I don’t have chocolate in the cupboard. It’s creamy, filling, and leaves room for experimentation depending on your mood.

Bitches in the Kitchen: Choc Banana Almond Smoothie

This is also another good way to use ripened bananas. If you aren’t going to cook them for my banana muffin recipe, freeze them for later. Frozen bananas are a base ingredient in all of the smoothies I make, and great to have on hand. Just remember to de-peel them! I have to include that tip because the first time I attempted to make a banana smoothie, I haphazardly put the full banana, peels and all, in the freezer…big fail.

Bitches in the Kitchen: Choc Banana Almond Smoothie


– Vanilla almond milk (I eyeball measure depending on how thick you want your shake, but if you don’t trust your eye, start with 1 cup)
– 2 frozen bananas
– 2 T. Cacao powder (I didn’t spell cocoa wrong- this is actually the word for “raw chocolate”; it’s a powerhouse of antioxidants! Don’t be dismayed by the high cost because it will last you a long time. You likely won’t find it in your small corner market, but it’s worth the trip to the natural foods store.)
– Optional 3 pitted Medjool dates (also pricey, but a worthwhile investment if you have a strong sweet tooth. This serves as a healthier sweetener, but I think the smoothie is sweet enough without so I don’t often bother.)


Combine all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Add more almond milk if you want a thinner consistency, or add ice if you want a thicker consistency. Pour into a glass and serve immediately.


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