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Glen’s Garden Market Picnic

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How do you pack a picnic? The Bitch way:

1. Invite your friends to a picnic theatre play via Google Calendar invite.
2. Take down and dust off your adorable, over-priced picnic basket now that it’s summer.
2. Fill a cute cooler up with ice and Whispering Angel rosé. Ensure the rosé to person ratio is 1:1 and it’s far too much for you to carry.
3. Delegate your friend (Adrienne) to make a salad because you’re incompetent in the kitchen.
4. Go to your favorite market or bodega (Glen’s Garden Market) and buy six kinds of cheese and a pound of Proscuitto.

Yes, it’s true: I fancy myself a hostess yet I cannot cook. I think I could—if I had the time or energy. But, my friends and boyfriend can cook—so I see no need to redouble efforts. On a good day, my kitchen has the essentials: bananas for my protein smoothies, leftover Pad Thai, and a lot of rosé chilling.

The occasion for a picnic? Well, who needs an occasion?

My dear friend Daniela (who makes appearances  in multiple brunch reviews—here, here, and here) annually acts in the Picnic Theatre performances at the historic Dumbarton House in Georgetown. Held on warm summer evenings, it’s the perfect excuse to gather some friends, pack a picnic, and enjoy a relaxed summer evening outdoors—armed with bug spray and rosé. Better yet, the proceeds benefit a charity.

Glen's Market Picnic 21

On the Thursday eve before our Friday picnic, I wandered into Glen’s Garden Market slightly pie-eyed after back-to-back cocktail meetings. Things are more fun when grocery shopping intoxicated: you have no shame buying six kinds of cheese and ordering a pound of Proscuitto. As I waited for what seemed like an eternity, I realized prosciutto is cut quite thin—and a pound is quite a lot. I stopped the lovely gentleman behind the butcher’s counter after he sliced away for 20 minutes—we were at 3/4 of a pound (which was all devoured).

Glen's Market Picnic 30

I selected the Firefly Farms Cabra a la Mancha from Maryland, the Galen’s Good Ole Smoked Gouda from Lancaster, Pa., the Chesapeake Cheddar, a Chasehold Farm Alpage, and a delicious, smooth creamy goat cheese. I snagged a fresh, French loaf of bread from Lyon Bakery as well as some gluten-free chips from Chiqs. And, rather than a preserve, I picked up some Cherry Chups, which went well with the goat cheese on French bread.
While I was at the counter, I couldn’t resist some of Glen’s delicious, gluten-free chicken salad—and managed to pick up two slices of strawberry rhubarb pie for good measure. The pie didn’t make it to the picnic, and I can personally vouch for this delicious pie. While I’m normally a chocoholic, I can’t stop thinking about strawberry rhubarb.

The evening was a smashing success: Daniela was a magnificent actress; the rain held off until the end of the show; the wine was drunk; the food devoured. The group set off to Satellite Room for boozy milk shakes followed by an epic dance party at the White Ford Bronco show at 9:30 Club.

Looking to pack a picnic in a jiffy? Here’s my menu:

1. Proscuitto & melone.

Glen's Market Picnic 6

2. All the cheese, ‘Chups cherry ketchup (used as a spread) and a fresh French loaf from Lyon Bakery via Glen’s. Chickpea crackers from local, women-owned company Chiqs.

Glen's Market Picnic 17

3. Olives for snacking.

Glen's Market Picnic 14

4.  A cucumber, watermelon, feta, and mint salad. (Slice four cucumbers thinly. Chop half watermelon into equal parts. Place in large bowl, dash with salt and pepper. Top with diced mint and crumbled feta.)

Glen's Market Picnic 29

5. Whisked! Nutella cookies from Glen’s and Olivia Macaron macarons (snagged while running errands in Georgetown).
6.  Whispering Angel Rosé.


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