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Giveaway: Neuro Drinks!

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One of the most common questions we get as Bitches is, “How do you girls stay so thin when all you do is eat and drink and gab about it?”

Here’s our secret: We work out. We run. We push ourselves in CrossFit. We bend and stretch back to shape in yoga. We try to eat healthy on the weekdays. And then we’re brunch fanatics—and lushes—without a care on the weekends. We believe in balance: work hard, exercise, play hard, and everything will fall into place.

We’re also lovers of farm-to-table food, natural ingredients, and environmentally conscious companies.

We partnered with Neuro Drinks for the Summer Brunch Soiree because of the company’s healthful mission. The line of beverages is made with natural ingredients and its packaging is fully recyclable (and delightfully colorful, too).

Photo credit: Moshe

The drinks are made for a healthy fitness lifestyle, as they are low-calorie and packed with vitamins and minerals. They’re meant to be consumed at different times of the day for your body’s various needs, like NeuroSleep, NeuroSun, NeuroTrim, and our favorite, NeuroGasm.

We want you to continue your epic brunching, but also stay healthy and fit, too, so we’re giving away a massive prize from Neuro Drinks:

You could win:

• A case of Neuro Drinks (12 bottles)

• An iTunes gift card for $20 for workout music

• A Capital Elite Fitness gym membership for one month free no strings attached

Here’s how to enter:

• Follow @DrinkNeuro and @BtchesWhoBrunch on Twitter

• Tweet about why you like Neuro Drinks and mention us both

• Or, if you’re not on Twitter, sign up to receive our emails, and tell us why you like Neuro Drinks in the comments below

We’ll pick the winner next Friday. Good luck, you healthy Bitches.

Author: Becca and Cori Sue

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway: Neuro Drinks!”

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  1. I am so looking forward to trying neuro drinks – a friend sent me a link to their website just a couple of weeks ago, and they look great! I’d love to have a chance to try all the different kinds, especially the neuro sport for my active lifestyle. and of course, the neurogasm 🙂

    thanks for the opportunity to enter in this giveaway!

  2. I had a neuro drink in my BWB goody bag from your fabulous brunch, and it was pretty delicious. I would love to try more flavors! Suuuper curious about the “neurogasm.”

  3. I LOVE Neuro drinks b/c it’s better than the average water and tastes better than Vitamin Water – pick me!!

  4. I’m still trying all of the flavors, there are so many awesome ones to choose from. I’m like everyone else and super curious about Neurogasam

  5. Neurogasm was super fun! I like the colors and the mission, as well as the fact that these drinks taste better than any of the “other” types out there!

  6. Wow, with my wedding less than 4 weeks away I want to jump on the Neuro train! I’d love to try the Trim and Sport for all my workouts, the Sleep so I actually get some rest, the Bliss to handle all those last minute details with grace, and the Gasm, well, I think we all know what that would be good for.

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