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Giveaway: Dolci Gelati

On Saturday, Becca frolicked around Great Plains in a big hat and strapless dress, getting mighty sunburnt. Cori Sue, meanwhile, was bikini-clad at the Penthouse Pool & Lounge, getting equally sunburnt.

While we don’t condone such sun (let’s all try to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles, now), our foolish unpreparedness can only mean it’s nearly summer. We’re so ready for the heat after this miserable winter and rainy spring.

To keep cool this summer, we Bitches will be enjoying nothing but Dolci Gelati, a local gelato brand that we recently discovered. Let us tell you why we love it.

First, it has fewer calories than ice cream (Cori Sue loves the creme brulee flavor, Becca the salted caramel, which only has 120 calories per serving). Win. Second, it’s not found strictly at fancy gelato shops but also affordably available at Whole Foods, Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont, and other local grocers. Not to mention it’s at Nationals Park, too!


Third, it’s owned by a gorgeous, kind Italian family. He, Gianluigi Dellaccio, a famous pastry chef. She, Anastasia, a businesswoman with great taste. Together, the couple and their two lovely children are scooping happiness from their shop in Takoma Park, which is open until 9 p.m. on weekdays (gelato date, anyone?).


We love the usual flavors, but better yet, the fresh, new flavors including a health-conscious line with treats like Green Tea, Pomegranate Powerberry and a Super Citrus Antioxidant sorbet. Dolci Gelati also features a Social Good flavor, from which the profits will go to a variety of great causes including the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign and Luke’s Wings, a local charity that provides airline flights and other vital services that unite wounded warriors, veterans, and heroes with their loved ones when they need them most.


But best of all, the menu includes “cupcake cones”- ice cream cones filled with cupcake and chocolate ganache center, gelato sundaes, pastry and several varieties of praline nuts and artisan kettle corn (chocolate covered, cotton candy, bacon, and parmesan). Oh, goodness!

The process starts every morning with deliveries from local dairy farms and other hand-picked fruits, fine chocolates and other fresh ingredients. Along with those local ingredients, Gianluigi uses a 100 percent authentic Italian recipe.

We love Dolci Gelati so much we’ve decided we simply have to have you try it. So we’re giving away two pints of the gelato flavor of your choice to one lucky D.C. area reader. To win, all you have to do is:
1. Follow Dolci Gelati on Twitter @dolcigelati;
2. Like them on Facebook, and
3. Leave a comment on this post with how you’re going to keep cool this summer and your favorite gelato flavor.

Can’t wait a week to try it? Any reader who heads to their store and mentions Bitches Who Brunch will get a free coffee along with their scoops of heaven.

Dolci Gelati Takoma Park
7000 Carroll Ave.,
Takoma Park, MD

And (shhh!) second location coming to Shaw at the City Market at O.

Becca and Cori Sue

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  1. I live in Takoma Park, and my FAVORITE Dolci Gelati flavor has been the Cherry Blossom flavor they made in April. It was OUTSTANDING and I know it was for a special event but I really wish they would make that again!

    How will I be keeping cool? Besides eating Dolci Gelati, I’m hoping to surround myself with my very cool friends enough of the time that I won’t even notice the heat! It would be VERY cool to have a few pints of Dolci Gelati to share with them! 😉

  2. I’ll be spending lots of time at the pool – while enjoying some creme brulee gelato! Yummmmmm.

  3. I’ll be drinking a ton of iced coffee – and maybe enjoying some Lavender gelati?

  4. As a Takoma resident, I’m going to keep cool this summer eating lots of Dolci Gelati! They are a fabulous addition to our neighborhood and every flavor I’ve had so far has been delicious! I especially enjoyed the green tea flavor they had last weekend.

  5. I’ll be drinking a ton on iced coffee and limeade! And also making so much ice cream, especially some salted caramel — my absolute favorite!

  6. I plan on making my wardrobe a revolving mix of dresses, shorts and flip flops until Labor Day; plus I’ll carry around the nifty woven fan I got from the Embassy of Nicaragua last weekend. (And of course the requisite answer of eating Dolci gelato non-stop; more reason to go to Takoma!)

  7. I plan on keeping cool this summer by airy summer clothes and days spent at the pool. My favorite flavor would be hazelnut – What a sweet treat!

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