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Giveaway: Dinner for Two at SoHo DC

Kittens, we know you all love good food—and some good snark—that’s why you read ze Bitches.

We Bitches love the finer things in life, but we also love some hearty, delicious comfort food, good company and an affordable bottle of wine for a mid-week meal. That’s why we love getting together on a Wednesday or Thursday with our pals for a bite at SoHo (nicknamed from Southern Hospitality) in Adam’s Morgan.

SoHo Mac N Cheese

SoHo serves up great bar food. The mac n’cheese and sweet potato fries cannot be beat.


The seafood dishes, like the crab avocado mango dish and the mussels, also keep this Pescetarian happy.


The desserts, enormous chocolate cake and delectable chocolate-drizzled bread puddings, will cause anyone to blow their diet.

SoHo Dessert

For more food porn, read our brunch review and check out our dinner recap.

We can kick back, relax and just chill there—something neither of us really ever get to do. So, we’re affording you the same opportunity with a giveaway of dinner for two at SoHo.

To win, Follow @SoHoWashDC on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and leave a comment telling us your favorite comfort food below. Those of you who don’t win can still get 20 percent off on dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays when you mention Bitches Who Brunch.

1815 Adam’s Mill Road N.W.
Adam’s Morgan
Washington, D.C.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

42 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dinner for Two at SoHo DC”

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  1. My FAVORITE comfort food is paninis made with Thanksgiving leftovers (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, carmelized onions and goat cheese all melted together). Takes thanksgiving to a whole new level! Yum!

  2. Such a fabulous giveaway! SoHo is my go-to spot in my neighborhood for yummy southern comfort food. While the main draw used to be my bff & part owner, I now go for the mac & cheese 🙂

    xo Meaghan

  3. My favorite comfort food is fried pickles. Always get excited when those are on the menu. I’m from the South, can’t help myself.

  4. I can’t pick just one favorite comfort food: tomato soup, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes (any way), and bread pudding/cookies and milk.

  5. Favorite comfort food would have to chocolate cupcakes!! Such a bad habit but so delicious, every once in a while!

  6. My favorite comfort food would have to be a really good lobster mac n’ cheese. The truly great ones are hard to come by so it’s always special when I finally find that perfect bite.

  7. One of my top fav comfort food is my moms recipe for Beef and Cheese manicotti dish!! It’s warm, and saucy and cheesie!! Love it when it’s piping hot and the cheese gets stringy!! And with garlic bread for the tomato sauce!! It’s to die for!!

  8. I am a fan of anything with cheese – especially mac and cheese, or grilled cheese with tomato soup (with extra chunks of cheddar melted in it), or pizza.

  9. My favorite comfort food is 100% fried chicken. Hey, I’m from the south – what more can you ask for than yummy chicken fried to perfection?! Add a side of blue butter beans or collards with a splash of vinegar and this gal is happy as a clam. #yum

  10. Carbs and cheese are my absolute favorites (thank goodness I don’t hate the gym)! I’m a sucker for mac n cheese, pizza, and pasta. Is it dinner time yet?

  11. I’m from NOLA so I love a good poboy. Perfectly fried shrimp on airy Leidenheimer bread. “Dressed” with lettuce tomato and a spicy remoulade sauce.

  12. Any kind of revamped grilled cheese (gotta have some excitement in there!) my favorite is mozzarella, fontina, fresh basil, tomatoes and honey. And a side of rich creamy tomato soup!

  13. My comfort food/drink is cheese and wine. I love cheese (probably more than anyone should) and you really can’t go wrong having any combination of the two.

  14. My favorite comfort food? My dad’s spicy red curry stew and rice from Nigeria. It’s blended with some mysterious West African pepper as well as fried meat and veggies . . . so yummy.

  15. Favorite comfort food has to be a toss up between mac n cheese and fried green tomatoes- both of which are done to perfection at SoHo!

  16. My favorite comfort food is definitely mac and cheese. I’m feeling all warm just thinking about it!

    And I like on FB and follow on twitter (Amy J…. and @chknpotpie). Thanks!

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