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Giveaway: Bakon Vodka

We’re mimosa gals, predictably. Bubbly, bright, sweet and fun, mimosas are the cocktail of choice for the Bitches. Pop, fizz, clink, bring on the bubbly.

But, through our travails, we’ve both acquired a unique appreciation for the Bloody Mary. For starters, a Bloody Mary is a matter of personal preference. The base (home-made, store-bought, or at your favorite brunch spot). The cup (Mason jar, tumbler, or tall boy). The spice level. The rim (salt, spice, Old Bay, or plain). The accoutrements (celery, shrimp, lemons, limes, bacon, olives, and more, oh my). There are seemingly endless options.

Once, we Bitches had to sample no less than a dozen Bloodys and rate accordingly. Who knew there were so many varietals? We certainly didn’t.

The Bloody Mary connoisseur likes his or hers prepared in a certain fashion and expects it to be done just so.

As for me, I like my Bloody Marys like I like my men: strong, hot, and smooth. Ideally, Southern—served in a mason jar with an Old Bay rim.


It’s in this vein that we’re giving away the hyper-masculine Bakon Vodka to our carnivorous Bloody Mary-guzzling Bitches and Bros Who Brunch.

The gents at Black Rocks Spirits have provided us with a recipe for their ideal Bloody, and here it is.

The Bakon Mary

– Fill a highball glass with ice
– Pour in 1 1/2 oz Bakon vodka.
– Fill glass with tomato juice
– Add 1 ash celery salt, black pepper, lemon juice and tabasco
– Add 2-4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
– Garnish with a celery stalk and pickled vegetables.

The Bakon vodka comes decorated: a 93 points tasting average and won four awards from the Beverage Tasting Institute.


Also from Black Rock Spirits is the brand-new Sparkle Donkey tequila, which is also the new house liquor at Casita de Cori Sue. Sparkle Donkey serves up two kinds of tequila, the Sparkle Donkey Silver and the Sparkle Donkey Reposado. Both are made of 100% agave tequila. It’s a highland-lowland blend, with 50% of the agave piñas coming from the lowland area in the town around Tequila, and 50 percent coming from the highland Los Altos region.

From experience, I can say that the tequila is smooth and sweet—and goes down easy—just like it says it will. I’ll sparkle with donkeys anytime.


Now, for the giveaway. We’re giving away a box with a full bottle of Bakon vodka along with Bloody Mary making essentials (spices and tomato juice), for one reader to sample. To enter:

1. Follow @BtchesWhoBrunch, @BaconVodka, and @SparkleDonkeyTq on Twitter.

2. Like both on Facebook, and leave a comment below.

3. Tell us your name and favorite way to have a Bloody Mary in the comments below.

We’ll pick a winner next Friday, drop you an e-mail, and mail you a box so you can whip up the perfect Bloody Mary of your choosing.


Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Bakon Vodka”

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  1. I love them with some sort of spicy kick — the horseradish Mary Parker at Granville Moore’s is a favorite. I’m thinking this bacon-y one would be another savory star!

  2. Great giveaway, Bitches! To put it simply, bacon is my favorite food. I had to start being vegetarian because I love bacon so much. I was eating it three times a day, every day. Now I save it for special occasions…and winning this giveaway sure would be special!

    My favorite bloody is heavy on the old bay, and must have three or four different kinds of hot sauces. My garnish of choice should be no surprise…crispy, crispy bacon.

  3. Tomato Juice, lemon and lime juice, worcestershire sauce,
    hot sauce, garlic, vodka. I am a wuss so I don’t add a lot of spice but my dad adds horseradish. It is perfect to have after a race on the weekends..or any day of the week. 🙂

  4. I love LOVE a good Bloody Mary, although I do admit I’m not a purist and do enjoy it with an Old Bay rim, both lemon and lime, olives and celery. I’ve been meaning to try one with crab meat for a long time though…

  5. Like my men – spicy, cold, and tomato-y. Wait, that doesn’t work, but that’s how I like my bloody marys. Preferably outside on a nice day or inside on a cold day or even inside on a nice day. I guess just not outside on a cold day because then I’m usually miserable and running for the nearest place to warm up.

  6. LOVE a spicy bloody mary with an Old Bay rim and…a strip of bacon of course! Always great with extra accoutrements be it olives, lemons, limes. The extra acid helps to keep it zesty and fresh. Craving one now! 🙂

  7. My favorite Bloody involves Clamato juice, spicy but not nosebleed spicy, with a shrimp & celery stalk for garnish! Perfect for sitting on the porch on Saturday/Sunday morning!

  8. I’ve never had bacon vodka, that sounds like it would make for an interesting Bloody Mary addition! My favorite Bloody Mary components: Old Bay rim, blue cheese-stuffed olives and horseradish and/or pepper, more than Tabasco.

  9. Bloodies should be briny enough to make your mouth pucker, primarily booze, and spicy as HELL. Dropping a raw oyster or two in there isn’t unheard of, either. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  10. Following all on twitter and Bakon Vodka and Sparkle Donkey on facebook!

    I love a bloody mary with extra tabasco and celery! Would love to try the Bakon vodka!!!

  11. I followed all on twitter – GenialInsanity
    And all on Facebook too

    I like a good one with a little extra horseradish, and some old bay and stuffed olives. Gotta be a spicy complex hearty drink. A great hair of the dog drink. There’s a reason its’ so popular to accompany brunches!

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