Georgia Brown’s Brunch

This is how brunch in D.C. should be done …

Packed to the brim with eclectic groups of people; the vibe relaxed. A three-piece jazz band—with a husband and wife taking turns crooning away—serenading the dining room. Guests patiently lining up for the buffet. The place buzzing.


Yes, Georgia Brown’s makes brunch look easy. Maybe it’s the low country food that makes the entire experience so relaxed. That combined with the music and chill hospitality. Families were there after church, friends were celebrating special occasions; this D.C. institution was full of locals. It’s the kind of place where you should lounge around in a big hat with your mimosa, listen to jazz, and stuff yourself stupid.


Here’s why. For $41, the brunch includes a gourmet Southern buffet, plus your pick of any of the entrées on the menu. Pricey, but that means you can sit there for hours filling up on the buffet food, and then order an entrée for dinner that night. Drinks aren’t included (which is sad. Frankly, for $41 I should totally get a cocktail from that awesome menu of libations).


The buffet tempts you to load your plate with the most inane combinations. Watermelon, bacon, chocolate covered marshmallows, and waffles to start? Mmmkay. You can pick from a variety of salads, a massive sliced fruit plate, or load up on peel-and-eat shrimp. You can have the biscuit-battered French toast and cover it in walnut-laden maple syrup.


Or how about one of the carving stations: sliced ham, turkey breast or garlic roast beef. Try the spinach eggs benny or some roasted red potato home fries on the side. Oh, and let’s not forget about the grits and biscuits of course. And if all that’s not enough you can sidle up to the made-to-order omelet bar. All totally satisfying.


The staff was constantly refilling and refreshing the buffet—even before the food was completely gone. Everything was fresh and piping hot. With a buffet like that, having an entrée would have been a lot, so we took ours to go. I had their famous buttermilk fried chicken, mashed potatoes and greens that night. Delish, even reheated.


There were tables and tiers of desserts, and they all looked amazing, but I didn’t try many of them. I kept dousing everything in chocolate from the damn chocolate fountain (why can’t I have one of these stationed in my living room again?). Seriously. Fresh strawberries, marshmallows, graham crackers, rice crispy cakes and more. All coated in warm chocolate.


Bitches say: Solid A-. Great vibe, great food, great service. Pricey, though; a cocktail or two should be included.

Georgia Brown’s
950 15th Street, NW (between I and K Streets, NW)
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 393-4499

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  • Kelsey Cardwell says:

    Hi girls!

    My name is Kelsey. I help with PR/marketing for several restaurant clients in the DC area. Every so often we send out press releases on events and promotions. I would love to be able to add you to our media list if you have an email address that would be good to use.

    Thank you,

    Kelsey Cardwell

  • Becca says:

    Hi Kelsey! You can send them to (not there’s no i). Thanks!

  • Chocolate Diva says:

    I completely agree with your review of the fab food at Georgia Brown’s…however my golden rule is this “Brunch is NOT Brunch without unlimited mimosa’s (or bloody mary’s if that’s what you prefer). Period. I mean they pull a great crowd without it, but I can only imagine that I would have a reservation every week, if they would add unlimited to their menu. It’s soooooo necessary! For that reason, I save GB’s for once in a blue moon, friends who come in town (and don’t love the bottle like I do), type of place. HA!

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