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Fresh Salt Brunch

Sometimes, when I’m not photographing pancakes, I’m shooting other things. Like my friend’s adorable children for the holidays, which is where I found myself last weekend. I chose the Seaport for our location because I’m pretty obsessed with the quaint, quiet cobblestone streets and will use any excuse to go down there. It’s like stepping back in time and it’s refreshingly quiet on the weekends.

After an hour of cold weather shooting, we were ready for a bit of sustenance, and young Madeline was ready to get out of her red patent leather booties. Fresh Salt has been on my brunch list for a while, and since we were only a block away, I jumped at the opportunity to tug my friends and their stroller for Bloody Marys.

Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt looked so inviting from the outside, with twinkling lights in the windows and a building facade with the faded remnants of a “Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Fish” advertisement from the original warehouse.

Fresh Salt

The interior was just as idyllic. A tiny cocktail bar was situated on the right, and a handful of brunch tables were nestled up a few short steps. When I say a handful, I mean six or seven, tops, with an assortment of stools and benches. I loved how intimate and cozy it felt. It was casual, pub-style dining with simple wild flower arrangements and maple syrup bottles.

Fresh Salt

Our first order was the challah French toast with fresh fruit and a homemade compote. Anything with challah bread is a winner in my book, and this was no exception. The compote and powdered sugar was a nice touch, and this was a solid brunch dish.

Fresh Salt

Paul and I shared the egg sandwich with gruyere and thick cut bacon on croissant with mixed green salad. It’s tough to mess up anything on a croissant, and we enjoyed Fresh Salt’s version. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was good.

I was craving an omelette but had heard good things about the pancakes, so I was in quite the brunch dilemma. Lucky for me, the waiter was a saint and brought me a side of a singular pancake so I could try it. I can’t remember the last time a NYC brunch waiter has gone above and beyond like that. Seriously..brunch can be a snooty affair. I enjoyed the pancake, which was totally regular and yummy, and really appreciated the extra effort.

The Bitches say: Four Champagne flutes. Fresh Salt is a good neighborhood spot, especially with the slim pickings downtown. Both the fare and ambiance are comfortable and straightforward, but sometimes a low key brunch is all you crave on a weekend!

Fresh Salt serves brunch daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



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