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Farmers & Fishers Brunch

My perfect-daughter-on-Mother’s-Day plan was marred! I flew my mother and my brother to DC for the weekend, stocked my fridge with all their favorites (English tea, a selection of cheeses, and Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut for mum? Check, check, check!), even took them to Proof for a fabulous dinner Saturday night.

And, of course, I made brunch reservations that I thought were to be smashing. Because brunch on the Georgetown Waterfront is guaranteed to be smashing, right? In particular, a sister restaurant to Founding Farmers (which I adore) on the Georgetown Waterfront is guaranteed to be smashing, right? Right?

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Sadly, Farmers & Fishers missed the mark. No wait. They missed so many marks I was hesitant to even write this review. I contemplated all week about how to compose this. And it’s not going to be pretty … So I’ll just rip it like a Band-Aid.

The service was flakey. The buffet ($24.99 a person, not including mimosas) was bizarre (catfish, Asian chicken … Rice a Roni?), and didn’t have anything made-to-order, such as omelets or waffles. The most-recommended dish, the cinnamon rolls, tasted like they were plopped out of a frozen packet. The eggs Benedict made me sad. The cream pies made my mother gag—literally. The breadbasket was pathetic (half a bagel … really?). The carved rib eye was caked in gooey fat.

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

The acoustics were horrible. A child fell off a chair at the table next to us, and the wait staff pretended not to notice. And—the very last straw for me—the mimosas were inconsistent, over-pulpy and had hardly any champagne. In summation: It felt like an overpriced cafeteria.

Wheo. I feel better now. I just had to let it out.

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

The management probably noticed me snapping photos of our picked-over plates and came over to ask how our meal was. My mother asked them if they wanted us to be honest. They nodded. She let them have it.

They were very apologetic, explained that their “brunch philosophy comes from corporate” and picked up the whole tab, which, we weren’t expecting, nor did I really want them to do (I write brunch reviews … I don’t want your free brunches). But it was a nice gesture, and actually made us feel marginally better about the whole experience.

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Maybe dinner is better at Farmers & Fishers. Maybe it was just an off day for them for brunch, being crazy-busy Mother’s Day. Maybe I’m just a bitch who brunches.

Either way, we waddled up to M Street for coffee and a stroll along the canals, and after that, the world was all better again.

The bitches say: D. Don’t make me explain why again.

UPDATE! My mother would like to say something:

“I would like to say that I was not a BITCH about it. I was asked what I thought about the food by the manager and I politely told him that I thought the food was terrible. I even asked if I could be honest and he said yes, so I was. So there. Oh, and we had every intention of paying but they insisted and we left the waitress a nice tip.”

Thanks, Mom. And Happy Mother’s Day.

ANOTHER UPDATE! The owner would like to say something:

“Dear Becca:  I’m so sorry that we let you, and your Mom, down on such a special day (its never OK to let you down, just even worse on Mother’s Day)…  I am curious who said “it comes from Corporate”–that’s truly hilarious, I don’t think anyone would ever refer to me and my partner Mike as “corporate”–we’re a little company!  But most importantly, I’m truly sorry.  I am glad that you ended not having to pay, but I realize that wasn’t the objective of coming to a restaurant.  I will continue to work diligently with my team to get the restaurant to be consistently great.–Dan Simons”

Farmer’s & Fisher’s
Washington Harbour
Georgetown Waterfront
3000 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20007


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  1. How disappointing! I was just thinking about how much I would like to try this place since I love Founding Farmers so much. Why would they take such a different approach to brunch? And in the form of a buffet? Very sad.

  2. I had a similarly poor experience with dinner at Farmers & Fishers. The food was average. The restaurant was sold out of the one item we were oogling on the menu – chocolate covered bacon lollipops. Service was spotty at best. And despite the place being only half full, we were seated in a dark corner near the kitchen.

    I’ve given up on all Georgetown Waterfront restaurants. They know that they can serve mediocre food, provide half baked service and charge astronomical prices because, it is after all, the waterfront and tourists (as well as some uninformed locals) will always flock there.

  3. Agree with this post. We went there for drinks one night at the bar and though they were new, they were not busy. Yet somehow, the drinks still took 15-20 minutes. The bartender spent most of the time talking to a trio of gays (unattractive at best and I’m being as nice as I can be without compromising my shallowness). We also felt the service was spotty and to cap it off as we went to settle our bill, I asked for a pour of rum just to calm the nerves as I saw the impending battle over a few members checks beginning to emerge. The bartender offered it to me on the house, which I thought was nice. Except—his manager in training came over and my one pour of decent rum somehow turned into two pours of realyl expensive rum, which I was not sure about. The bill cam eback and he had charged each of our cards $25 bucks extra. He tried to tell us we got a deal since they were apparently $50 each but somehow I think he knew we got mangled. Worst of all, as a former waiter, I felt bad enough that every single other person in our group complained that I didn’t even bother to try and fix it. I would never go back there again and I too generally avoid Georgetown in general at all costs.

  4. I agree with this assessment, and would argue their dinner is just as terrible and overpriced. And, don’t even get me started on trying to host a private party here…there are no words to describe how awful the staff treats customers.

  5. I’m pleased with the owners’ message. It’s so easy to be defensive, but they just took the heat and apologized profusely. That would make me perhaps give them a chance on another occasion, at least just to reward good behavior.

    Also, I love you girls. I just discovered this website and you have just made my whole life.

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