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Event Director

Bitches Who Brunch Event Director

Bitches Who Brunch is hiring Event Directors in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

We’re looking to add skilled individuals to our team to plan and curate unique, local events for our community. As a Bitches Who Brunch Event Director, you’ll handle developing, planning,
strategizing, and coordinating local brand events as well as assisting with marketing and public relations support.

An ideal Event Director must possess:
● Background in event planning, marketing, digital media, PR or communications
● Knowledge of happenings and trends in local market
● A voice that’s smart, intelligent, and funny, yet classy
● Social media expertise and presence (tell us your handles)
● Photography skills
● Technical proficiency (the ability to work in a CMS such as WordPress, Photoshop, and InDesign)
● Attention to detail and organized
● Passion for events, food, fitness and media
● Plenty of experience networking around—and planning—events
● Trustworthiness and dependability (we’re counting on you to lead the brand
in your city)
● Reliability and responsiveness (always connected and responsive on e-mail)

Technical skills preferred: CMS such as WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, DSLR photography, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google business suite.

This is a part-time paid position. Plus, there are plenty of fun perks to being on the team.

The Bitches Who Brunch are work-hard, play-hard girls-about-town. We’re looking for someone who is already active on social media and event planning, and is looking to turn her hobbies and side activities into something bigger.

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