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Edi & The Wolf Brunch

Finding a new apartment rental in NYC is an overwhelming, stressful endeavor. Between balancing brokers, sketchy Craigslist posts, and being willing to sign your life away on the spot for an overpriced studio, I really wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

My boyfriend was recently on the hunt for some new digs so I helped him scour the city in search for that perfect downtown one-bedroom. We had just finished a day of showings that concluded in Alphabet City, so we unanimously decided that we were in need of a drink to relax and compare notes.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

We ventured down Avenue C for a local dive and stumbled upon a beautiful, overgrown garden, otherwise known as Edi & The Wolf. I was immediately attracted to its rustic accents and open-air seating, which was perfect for those first few days of spring.

Andrew and I just had a drink at Edi & The Wolf and skipped out on food. However, the quaint establishment was top of mind the next morning when a few girlfriends and I were brainstorming brunch spots for that day. It was another gorgeous 70-degree afternoon and I was able to snag a 1 p.m. reservation on Mother’s Day so we were sold.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

I was first to arrive at brunch so I snagged a bench right in the sun. It was a toss up between the al fresco dining options at the front of the restaurant and the secret garden at the back, but I ultimately opted for the people-watching opportunities at the anterior.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

Shortly thereafter, my friends Andrea and Jaime, and Andrea’s mom, Julie, joined me at the table. After everyone finished oohing and ahhing over the unique ambiance, we dove right into the menu for cocktails and shared bites.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

Us gals went the mimosa route while Julie sipped on the house made Bloody Mary. Our mimosas were fresh-squeezed and refreshing. Julie confessed that she is cautious about a too-spicy Bloody and our server graciously offered to swap out the beverage if it wasn’t to her liking. Luckily, her Bloody hit the spot and no send-backs were required.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

We all came to brunch with an appetite and agreed to split a number of entrees as we were equally indecisive. We ended up striking a balance between sweet dishes and savory, healthy and indulgent.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

The complimentary breadbasket was chock-full of baked goodies like fresh rye and sourdough bread, and chocolate-filled mini croissants. The fresh jam was a delicious accompaniment to the carbs and we appreciated that the breadbasket was on the house, whereas other brunch locales will charge upwards of $10 for the assortment. It helped tide us over as we anxiously awaited our main dishes.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

First out of the oven was the Wolf burger, a signature dish that contained renowned local meat from Pat LaFrida. The juicy burger was topped with grilled onions, Gruyere cheese, and crispy onions. I’m normally not a big fan of red meat, but was impressed and satisfied with this dish. I would definitely recommend this burger to any carnivores in the group.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

We also ordered the wild mushroom frittata to offset the rest of our indulgent entrees. This classic egg dish was topped with tomato compote and Mizuna greens. The frittata was slightly dry and skimped on the veggie fillers, which was a bit disappointing.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

No meal with girlfriends is complete without a side of delectable French fries. As this was an Austrian themed restaurant, the French fries were of the pommes frites variety and served with bacon aioli and Gray Kunz ketchup. The fries were flavorful and easy to share, but I also often do not have a criticism of any variety of French fries.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

We finished our meal with a sweet treat, the Kaiserschmarrn. Upon googling this name, we discovered that it is a traditional Austrian dish primarily containing shredded pancake bits. The pancake pieces were caramelized and accompanied with grapefruit and plenty of cinnamon sugar. This entrée satisfied my ever-present sweet tooth, but Andrea was off-put by the unfamiliar texture of caramelized pancake and only tried one bite.

Edi and the Wolf Brunch

Our feast ended with a final Mother’s Day toast for Julie and texts to our own mothers to honor the occasion. The staff at Edi & The Wolf thoughtfully comped Julie’s brunch cocktail as a Mother’s Day treat, which was an added bonus.

The Bitches say: B. The main attraction to this East Village eatery is the unexpectedly awesome ambiance. The food is tasty, but has some room for improvement.

Edi & The Wolf
102 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009
(East Village)

(212) 598-1040

Edi & The Wolf serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

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